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Fastest way to lose belly fat

What diet to lose weight belly?

For slimming the abdomen is responsible not only proper diet but also physical activity. Slimming diets should include carbohydrate products, dairy products and vegetables. Each of us dreams of a flat belly, but it is worth to read important information that will help you achieve this.

Diet for a flat stomach
should take account primarily of: fruits and vegetables poultry, whole grains, protein, chicken, garlic, low fat dairy products and lean meats.

In very small quantities should consume products that contain large amounts of calories cream, butter, cheese, sauces, products made from white flour, chocolate, organ meats, red meat and alcohol.

Diet to lose weight belly

In a diet you should completely give up: fat meat, cheeses and products fast food. To have a flat stomach, you need to forget about drinking coffee and replace it with mineral water or herbal tea.

As I mentioned a flat stomach is not only the effect of diet, but also physical activity. Start running, aerobics and swimming. A very good way to get a flat stomach is also a yoga that will help him muscles and massage, so that the abdomen more firm.

Diet for a flat stomach should take into account the 5 meals a day, consumed at regular intervals. When it comes to calories taken it for breakfast and dinner, their number should be between 250 and 350 calories.

Dinner should be the biggest meal that will provide you with about 350 calories, while the smallest 2 breakfast and afternoon tea, which will be the source of about 100 calories. Diet for a flat stomach should not be confused with a diet 1000 calories, because it proposes different products, and incorporates a completely different lifestyle.

What else will help in getting rid of excess kilos?

Minerals. It is recommended to consume at least 2 liters of water a day, preferably non-carbonated. Water plays an active role in the process of metabolism. If the organism is poorly hydrated, metabolism runs much slower. Drinking water also reduces appetite. Therefore, half an hour before a meal drink a glass of water, which will make you eat less.

To speed up the effect of weight loss with the help come nam also dietary supplements. The market will find countless formulas supporting fat burning, so you should check it carefully to make sure that the chosen formulation will certainly effective.


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