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Weight loss balloon

Gastric balloon weight loss

Gastric balloon for treating obesity is a method that does not require surgery or drastic drug therapy. It is used in people who have different dietary or pharmacologic agents do not bring results. By reducing the volume of the stomach, decreased appetite and satiety is triggered.

Without surgery

Treatment consists of endoscopic introduction, stomach, soft balloon, which is filled with saline solution or air. His weight is imperceptible for the patient, because you can compare it to the weight of drunk 2 glasses of water. The material from which the gastric balloon is resistant to gastric juices. It stays in the stomach for 6 months and then is removed endoscopically by a doctor.

This method, which promotes weight loss, does not imply:

- For surgery
- The application of drastic diet or drug therapy.

It is designed for patients with:

- Slight overweight (increases living comfort)
- Morbid obesity (a condition to return to normal operation).

Implantation gastric balloon

Before implantation patients undergo specialist tests, medical and laboratory, as well as medical consultation. Implantation gastric balloon that does not cause discomfort, it takes 10-15 minutes and is performed predominantly in the short intravenous anesthesia. By means of a gastroscope into the stomach probe introduced into the balloon, which is then filled with saline solution (400-700 ml) and air (550 cm3 or 650 cm3).

Implantation is fully reversible at any time and the balloon can be removed. After several hours of stay in the clinic patients are discharged to home.

The course of treatment gastric balloon

By reducing the volume of the stomach, gastric balloon effect results in a decrease in appetite and the excitation of patient satiety. It is easier to eat smaller meals at one time, and limit consumption of carbohydrates with high glycemic index.

For proper routing of treatment they require regular meetings with the medical support team, consisting of a doctor, medical assistants, dietician or psychologist. These experts evaluate the needs of the patient and adjust individual program of weight loss therapy.

The person subjected to the treatment:

- He learns how body weight affects lifestyle, including nutrition and exercise
- You learn how to plan meals, as well as to know the concept of the glycemic index, and the role of fat in the body.

Removal of the gastric balloon

Typically, after 6 months of therapy, the gastric balloon is removed, a similar method as in implantation. Also, this treatment is preceded by research (medical and laboratory), as well as medical consultation.

The procedure is performed usually under general anesthesia endotracheal and takes about 15 minutes. Doctor using a gastroscope is removed from the balloon contents, and then takes it out through the mouth. Therefore, similarly as when the implantation, the patient does not feel any discomfort.


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