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Healthy gluten-free food

Gluten-free food

Life on the gluten-free diet has its pros and cons. However, it does not exclude people who can not eat products with gluten from normal life, because healthy gluten-free food is becoming increasingly common in the food market.

Gluten-free diet is not only in the literal sense of the word diet feeding, as well as a style of life, and only the most effective remedy for people suffering from celiac disease - an ailment disease which is based on the body's intolerance to the absorption of a specific type of protein that is gluten. The source of gluten are mainly corn, wheat, rye, oats or barley.

The whole philosophy of diet and life of such persons is based on total exclusion from your nutritional regime of gluten in all its forms and characters. Persons suffering from this ailment can be easily identified in the grocery stores, because in the absence of dedicated sections are safe for them products they are studying the contents of each box, cans and packaging to effectively eliminate products that could harm them.

What products can eat gluten-free diet?

The safest products on which you can afford the products are obtained from corn flour, buckwheat, soy, amaranth (also called the gold of the Incas), millet, because they are plants that naturally have no gluten in their structure. In addition to the gluten-free diet you can add nuts, sesame, millet, sesame and sunflower seeds.

However, one should be careful because corn flour, buckwheat or rice, which can be found on store shelves may be contaminated with gluten. Contamination may occur during the process of grinding at the same mill or processing plant, which also includes cereals containing gluten.

Life on the gluten-free diet does not mean, however, that food, snacks and sweets on what you can afford are tasteless or their necessary calorific values. The standard menu includes among other things, eggs, fish, meat and meat products, fruits and vegetables, as well as gluten-free bread, pasta, cakes grandmother, and even jellies, puddings and jams.

List of healthy and tasty dishes, countless combinations and variations thereof as used cooking gluten-free diet is really fascinating and away from boredom or deprivation of her taste.

It should also be noted that the gluten-free diet is not a weight-loss diet, because the dishes included in its composition differs only slightly their caloric values of ordinary food on our tables.

Alcohol in gluten-free diet

In the case of alcohol, people on gluten-free diet must give up beer, whose members can be found barley malt. Be careful also to various so-called vodka. "colored", as used to color and flavor changes, dyes and perfumes may contain gluten. Safe for human consumption are for pure alcohol, so personally made a tincture or drinks with safe additives will prove themselves to more than one party.

The recipe for gluten-free cake

A simple and does not require a recipe to bake a delicious cake without gluten is a quick and effective solution for all those struggling with celiac disease who do not want to give up your coffee snacks.

People with celiac disease for many years, had to do without burying their countless products gluten-free and able to cope with running your own healthy diet. No need for spending hundreds of thousands of products, which are marked with a crossed-swords to healthy and tasty to eat.

It is worth remembering that without gluten does not mean tasteless, as evidenced by the simple and tasty gluten-free cake that anyone can quickly and easily prepare in your kitchen.

For the preparation of gluten-free cake that will delight the taste and will almost melt in your mouth does not need to be any hard to reach components, because the recipe is based on a gluten-free potato starch.

In our recipe we will need:

5 eggs
1 cup caster sugar for baking
1 and 3/4 cup of potato flour (or cornstarch)
200 g butter or margarine
1 heaping tablespoon baking powder
1/2 cup water
grated zest of 1 lemon
lemon juice to taste

Eggs (without separating whites and yolks) are slaughtered at a very fluffy foam, which should almost double the volume. Then, without interrupting mixing gradually add one tablespoon of sugar.

The next step is to mix corn flour with baking powder, which is best to sift through a fine strainer. Ready-mix Slowly add the beaten eggs and gently stir the whole until smooth.

Add the lemon zest and lemon juice and mix again. Melting pot of butter or margarine and pour the dough, mixing again.

Pour batter into prepared pan before (capacity approx. 2.5 l smeared with butter and sprinkled with wheat flour, chopped almonds and flour gluten-free). Keep in mind that transferred the dough should not occupy more than 2/3 of the height of the mold, because very fluffy grow and it may be a risk that the cake we simply flow out.

Baking is done at 170 ° C for approx. One hour (the first 30 min bake at 160 ° C). After baking, leave your cake for a few minutes in the oven before removing, then we can easily remove the dough and put on a plate or baking sheet to cool completely.

Thus baked light, soft and delicate sand cake without gluten, which can be enjoyed during a coffee break or treat our visitors, without the need to spend money on ready-made dishes and snacks.


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