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Acne in pregnancy

How to deal with acne during pregnancy?

Do not expect that your acne attack in such a beautiful for you in life. Well, because've had a grow pretty and flourish, and do not walk around with pimples on his face and rashes on the back. But it's hard, it happened.

Hormones are raging, so there is also acne. However, as it heal, not to harm the baby? Acne on his back, face or chest is nothing exceptional happens to most pregnant women.

It is caused by hormones that during pregnancy crazy, and so far were already stabilized. Acne during pregnancy is very difficult because you can not use most drugs (and even cosmetics!), which are recommended in normal situations.

Absolutely prohibited is the use of antibiotics, both topical oral what. Because they can cause severe birth defects in the child (even his death). They are also harmful to expectant mothers can contribute to damage to the kidneys or liver.

The most dangerous for the baby formulations and cosmetics containing benzoyl peroxide. If acne occurs in mild form, I would advise you just to wait or take advantage of some home methods. However, in the case of severe varieties of acne should consult your dermatologist, of course, informing him about his condition.

A few home methods for acne

The most troublesome for pregnant women is acne on your back, especially when it is in an advanced stage. It is very difficult in any way to cultivate it because you are not in the concentration fully touch back, etc. A good and harmless to the fetus way are herbal baths.

Adding to the bath infusion of pansy or chamomile tea has a soothing and bactericidal. And by the way your body will relieve the fatigue of the day. You will feel relaxed and at the same time mitigate inflammation of your acne. Featured are also swimming with the addition of yeast food and masks from yeast and milk.

What kind of mask applied to the back, then flush skin with aloe juice and imposes a thin layer of cream to care for baby's bottom. It is very important for pregnant women is also a proper diet that is beneficial not only for skin, but for the whole organism.

You should resign from animal fats, especially those stale and repeatedly used. Limit fried foods because they exacerbate acne. Accelerate skin healing fatty acids contained in olive oil and marine fish. Likewise, vitamins E, A, B2 and zinc, which are found in fruits and vegetables, red meat and dairy products. Eat plenty of fiber, it can be found in the cereal flakes.

Remember that food to be fresh and without additives preservatives and artificial colors, because it adversely affects not only you, but also your child. Drink a lot of water. Recommended are also mild herbal teas that cleanse your body of harmful toxins.

If the acne present in very mild form, it would advise a wait, supporting only diet and household specyfikami. It will be better for the child (and yet now it is here the most important!) And for you. If, however, appear inflammation and rash is painful, then you must consult a dermatologist. Try for a good and experienced doctor.


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