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What causes migraines?

Causes of migraines 

Migraine suffers in this country of about 4 million people. More than 80% of them are women. Still we are not known to cause the appearance of this pain. According to neurologists most migraine pain is due to malfunction of the blood vessels in the brain.

There is also a theory that migraine headaches are the result of abnormal brain function, and actually nerve endings release a protein that irritate the meninges.

Factors contributing to the emergence of migraine attacks

Stress and anxiety - studies have shown that 73% of migraine attacks are caused by stress and tension of everyday life. Added to this is an additional factor - poor posture, which increases the tension of the neck muscles and back.

Changing the rhythm of life - a factor responsible for 45% of migraines. This can be relaxed, as during non-working days (because migraine weekend), sometimes excessive sleep or travel by train, plane or boat.

Fatigue - long effort and fatigue - is responsible for up to 43% of migraine attacks.

Menstruation - often besets women migraine attack just before the period (it may happen that the attacks start just with the first menstruation, and go through the menopause). It is the responsibility hormonal changes up to 34%. Migraine can also be caused by hormonal contraception.

Weather - the sun, the heat, storm, changes in temperature and pressure, may exacerbate migraine attacks in as many as 30% of people.

Food - 23% of migraine is caused by eating cheese, sushi, citrus, nuts, Chinese dishes, pickles and chocolate or drinking red wine.

Diet - weight loss, irregular meals or long post = migraine attacks in 7% of patients.

How to prevent migraine?

1. Avoid stressful situations, accelerated lifestyle and not make too many tasks.

2. You need to quit smoking, avoid alcohol, especially red wine.

3. Do not rest in front of the TV. Chooses to walk, yoga or cycling.

4. Limit your intake of certain foods. This will help reduce the frequency of migraine attacks pain. We exclude: chocolate, alcohol, dishes with the addition of nitrite, monosodium glutamate and sweeteners, as well as blue cheeses, yogurt, sour cream and other foods that contain tyramine.

5. Do not use for hours from a computer or TV, because the flickering screen can trigger a migraine.

6. The diet should be supplemented with magnesium, because it adjusts the tension of the muscle membrane of blood vessels, the brain. Rich in this element is crisp bread, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, rice and flaxseed.

7. You need to avoid intense light, sharp smells and noise.

8. Resigns from hormonal contraception pills or converted into those that contain the least of hormones (estrogen may have an adverse effect on the circulatory system).

9. Remember to regular sleep and sleep at least eight hours a day, in a well-aired room.

How to relieve migraine headache?

Remember! Migraines can not be cured, but you can ease the pain and make you not precipitates of life. It is very important to quickly recognize impending attack.

When you feel the first symptoms:

  • put on the forehead cold compress and warm the hands and feet under the blanket;
  • do inhalation: in a pot, pour half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of water. Bring to a boil. He leans over a pan of hot-mix, covers her head tightly with a towel and inhale a few nose. After 2-3 minutes, start to wear off;
  • massage the temples with a few drops of essential oil of peppermint or lavender - rub it in root hair, sprinkle clothes, add a hot bath;
  • drink tea with marjoram, because it stimulates the nervous system.

In the treatment of migraine it is also important to drug therapy. On the market are already available drugs, which effectively interrupt the migraine attacks, and drugs that act prophylactically chronic migraine.


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