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How many meals a day?

How many meals a day should eat?

Many people are asking - how many meals a day should eat? It has to do with the growing fashion for a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. If anyone dreaming of a healthy body shape should very carefully consider the title question.

How many meals a day to eat?

Begin falls from the fact that due to the changes that have occurred in the processing of food to rest go "three meals a day" Breakfast, lunch and dinner check is only for people who are either very good metabolism and lack of tendency to gain weight or consume only natural, pure products, and the meals are balanced in terms of micro and macro components.

Everyone else should consider the issue of eating 6 meals a day. This has as a plus that the consumption of frequent but small portions of food faster metabolism, and thus, if it is combined with but minimal physical activity, prevents accumulation of body fat.

Another aspect is of course the issue of the quality of meals and content in terms of macro and micro ingredients. Calories should be calculated separately for each person with regard to its weight, age, sex, and level of activity during the day.

The least sensible thing you can do is certainly a starvation diet or transition to "a thousand calories" that only slow down your metabolism and cause constant feeling of hunger. Even if you manage to lose weight, the effect of "yo-yo" will be brick.

May prevent adequate or balanced diet consisting of interesting cooked tasty meals at an appropriate content of protein, carbohydrate and healthy fats (mainly unsaturated). Not only that, thanks to keep a slim figure, it still will be able to feel good and be full of energy.

To sum up - really worth it to go on a diet in the form of six meals. Do not explain the fact that we do not have time to prepare them or transport problems. Only three boxes for storing food (after a few pounds each) and this problem will go down in history. In return, you will be able to enjoy health and a nice figure, and this is after all worth a little effort.

Is our humor affects the meal I eat?

How often grandmothers repeated his grandchildren "do not eat dinner in such anger will not get you to taste" or "do not be so sour at dinner because you hurt." Or are they just superstitions and vain finding people with advanced metric?

It turns out that it is not the end.

Considerations start with falls of the overall impact of our well-being on what is happening with our lives. If we assume that the notorious "bad mood" attracts misery and unfortunate events in the holder then it becomes clear that this is not the most reasonable attitude when eating a meal.

As unreasonable as anger is an attempt to "eat for sadness" through the consumption of delicious dishes, especially if they are candy. This of course leads to the instantaneous euphoria lots of sugars getting into the blood in the longer term is the cause of many diseases associated with obesity -, atherosclerosis, diabetes or degeneration of musculo-skeletal joint.

How, then, should be approached to eat?

In the most natural way. First of all, it has to satisfy our hunger and needs of our body which means that you should not overfeed or excessively or starve. This last can lead to anorexia and equally dangerous diseases as uncontrolled food intake.

The next step should be the appointment of a least one week, the meal that will be a real treat for the palate and the eye. This is not to eat a kilogram of chocolate or six knuckles at once, and prepare a reasonable amount of your favorite foods, eaten without haste and in a very nice edition (for example, using services for coffee, refined cutlery and pretty plates).

Very good idea to also eating meals with people we like or respect, especially if you love them. Here it comes complete relaxation and rest of the body, so vitally important in today's full running time and stress.

The latter involves, like sadness, of "overeating it. It manifests itself often in the street consuming fast food and other junk food. These types of products should be kept to a minimum, which of course does not mean that you can use them from time to time, for example, when starting with friends.

So does the humor and emotions affect the quality and taste of food consumed? The answer must be clearly affirmative and, above all, forcing to reflect on this. Behold, eating in anger or nerves also unwittingly harming themselves both in terms of the health of the body and lowering the comfort of your own life.

So what remains? It should look at the idea of ​​so-called "slow food" denoting food meals combined with relaxation, as well as preparing them with natural and healthy ingredients. Thanks to both body and soul draw from them the appropriate utility and not by negatively received.

So let's eat in peace, choosing what is valuable. It is worth stopping a moment for their own health. We have them after one.


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