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Fitness for health

Is fitness healthy? It seems that fitness in every situation is a very healthy form of physical activity. Seemingly yes, but in order to talk about something for sure we need some evidence, we need certain premises to achieve certainty.

Chili weight loss

Chili diet weight lossMetabolism is the rate at which calories are burned, and it depends on it whether our figure is thin or obese. The fact that we have a metabolism depends on many factors, but you can always help yourself, especially if you are on a strict weight loss diet.

Raw food vegan diet

Raw food vegan diet - principles  Would you like to enjoy a nice silhouette, impeccable skin and energy? You don't like to give up the sweet pleasure of chocolate.... Chocolate aroma tempts and seduces.... Can you give in to our sweet habit and yet not be tired? It turns out that this is quite possible!

Vegetarian diet for weight loss

Vegetarian diet in weight loss Basically, we are well aware of the fact that fruit and vegetables are very much needed by our body for its healthy functioning. However, we will want to point out these vegetables from a different perspective.

Advantages of red wine

Red wine and its advantages Of course, this is not only about the taste advantages of this drink produced from dark grapes. It is worth knowing, for example, that red wine is also rich in vitamins, e. g.  group B or C.

Chocolate weight loss diet

Chocolate diet It lasts three days and is quite raw, because it will provide you only about 1000 calories per day (folded in three meals). Due to low calorific value and the fact that it does not contain e. g. It is not balanced and will not provide you with all the ingredients necessary for your healthy functioning), it can be used safely for health not more than once a month.

Constipation in old people

Constipation in old people - how to manage it? Everyone suffers from constipation- everyone is believed to have had problems with constipation at least once in their lives. However, this does not change the fact that it is the elderly people who are the most vulnerable group to this disease.

The best way to make tea

How can we best make and drink tea in order to have a beneficial effect on our body? Steamtea briefly, do not add lemon to boiling water. You can add slices of fruit or juice when the tea has cooled down to 40 degrees C and you remove the grounds or a bag of drought, because these together with lemon juice form compounds of aluminium.

Relieve bloating quickly

How to get rid of bloating quickly? Small amounts of air always enter the stomach with a meal. Gases also arise from digestion. That is why bloating happens to everyone. However, at a mature age it slows down metabolism, the body produces fewer enzymes and we are less physically active than in youth, which makes bloating more frequent and more troublesome. To fight them effectively, you need to know the reason.

Can you get rid of cellulite?

Cellulite - why is it created and how to fight it? Does not die of cellulite, which is why many people consider it to be a trivial phenomenon. However, for many ladies it is a cause of great discomfort, and they would have a lot to get rid of it. Well - for reasons not fully understood, cellulite attacks almost exclusively women.

Atherosclerosis test

Test for atherosclerosis
This disease develops over the years and does not cause symptoms for a long time. The first signal can be an easy fatigue, breathlessness and physical effort (e. g. when climbing stairs). This is the state of affairs that you usually blame for, but the reason is sometimes atherosclerosis. You should also be disappointed with the problems of concentration or memory and calf pain after a recreational walk.

Bike riding for weight loss

How will your bike help you weight lose?
Do you like cycling? Do you want to lose weight and maintain your dream weight? If so, read this article because it will describe how to ride a bicycle in it to lose weight as soon as possible. You will see that this is neither complicated nor boring, and it does not resemble all those other weight lose
exercises that bore man to death.

Weight loss and fruits

Fruit helps in weight loss
About the salutary power of the fruit knows everyone. It is a source of essential vitamins, which guarantee a well-being and a healthy lifestyle. They are also an important ingredient that helps in the weight loss process! We present a few fruitswhich, to the surprise of the majority, can contribute to the loss of kilograms.

Improve your hearing

How to strengthen your hearing?
Auditory deterioration occurs in stages. At first you think you have heard something because there was a noise around, then more and more you twist the sound on the TV ... until you are ashamed to admit that you have a problem.

How to lose weight before summer?

Lose weight before summer 2017
It started spring, and it means that less and less time is coming to summer. This is the last bell to build right silhouette for this warmest season. In this post we will tell you how fast you can get to your dream form.

Copenhagen diet menu

A sample menu diet Copenhagen
Many people around world are interested in dropping a few or even several extra kilograms. This to happen it is necessary to place a strong will and an effective diet which is, for example, 13-day diet called Copenhagen.

Facial hair on women

Excessive facial hair on women - what to do?
Smooth skin is dream of every woman. Unfortunately, dark and unsightly hair, make our appearance may leave much to be desired. What is essential, we must pay attention to moment when problem is no longer confined to legs, skin, armpits and bikini area?

Quickest way to lose belly fat

Diet will help you lose belly fat
For weight loss belly responsible not only proper diet but also physical activity. Slimming diets should include carbohydrate products, dairy products and vegetables. Each of us dreams of a flat belly, but it is worth to read important information that will help you achieve this.

Yerba mate tea weight loss

Yerba mate tea helps in weight loss
Is there a drink that can help in fight against obesity? It turns out that yes - yerba mate - dried, ground leaves of yerba mate. Drink drink in a very original way in a special dish made from a gourd through a bombilla - a metal straw.

Diagnosis of metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome diagnosis
To diagnose must go to the nearest lab and examine the level of triglycerides, cholesterol, glucose and perform liver tests. It applies to any person who has them meals on the run, and between fast food and sweet snacks, to spend many hours at the computer or behind the wheel, and to de-stress drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes.

Headache help

What will help a headache?
Apples are a source of approx. 300 for health-related components (in addition to potassium, such as antioxidants, iron, pectin). But the secret lies in their combination, because they reinforce each other's action.

Fundamental principles of healthy eating

10 most important and simplest principles of healthy eating
Healthy eating does not have to be difficult, and every small change in your diet is a big step to success losing extra weight, health, or simply well-being. Following the simple steps listed below to significantly improve the quality of your nutrition.

How to be assertive?

Learn basics of assertiveness
Art consciously denying an extremely valuable skill, assertiveness in everyday life is simply invaluable. It helps build valuable relationships with the environment, significantly improves quality of life. There are many techniques for developing assertiveness.

Cellulite on thighs

How to fight cellulite on your thighs?
Cellulite is a skin affliction, which faced mostly women (percentage of men with cellulite is really negligible). There's no denying that the lumps and bumps do not look too aesthetically pleasing, especially on the thighs.

Stress and food

The best diet for stress
Living in the era of the twenty-first century consists mainly of stress. Who of us was ever in a stressful situation? Starting from the school, study, work and so on.

Oxidative stress relief

Oxidative stress that is a fire hazard body
Oxidative stress is the most fundamental cause of illnesses. To describe this phenomenon was an incentive for a lot of research and discoveries. It has been demonstrated its relationship with more than 50 disease entities, primarily the so-called. diseases of civilization.

Red wine and health

Red wine health
There is much talk about the destructive effects of alcohol on the body. But not entirely so. Yes, everyone alcohol harmful in large quantities. But there are those that in quite a small help.

Flu and colds

Flu and colds - as it infect?
Viruses flu and colds are being carried on hands of infected persons.  Colds and flu are acute viral disease - a highly infectious and contagious. At this point it is worth to realize that the term "infectious" is not synonymous with the term "infectious", as the verb "catch" is not synonymous with the verb "to become infected".

Rapeseed oil health

Why rapeseed oil is healthy?
Poland is one of the largest producers of rapeseed, yellow flowers growing usually in large groups throughout the summer. The oil produced from is often called the "olive north", referring in this way to the irreplaceable Italian olive oil.

Yoga for your eyes

Yoga for the eyes sample exercises
Yoga for the eyes is the discovery of recent years in the field of alternative medicine. Its effectiveness will definitely decide the subconscious and the belief that with the right exercises you can achieve surprising results. The following series of basic yoga exercises to be performed in a relaxed state approx. 50-60 minutes a day.

Brown rice diet

Diet brown rice 
It is common that rice, as an alternative to potatoes or noodles, is an ally of any dieting. Unfortunately, white rice, but easy to digest, contains almost as much starch as the average potato. We are taking care of the line so we are doomed to dispense altogether with additions to fruits and vegetables?

Healthy digestive system

A healthy digestive system is the lack of constipation
A healthy digestive system is something about which nowadays is extremely difficult. The condition of the digestive system affects food they delivered to the body, and here a lot of things we can not control. Sometimes the food is composed of elements that certainly does not help the digestivesystem, and sometimes even harmful.

Hair loss and menopause

Hair loss during menopause 
The most common cause of hair loss is an overactive thyroid gland. It is common in women after menopause. Other causes include: changes in hormone levels (increase or decrease) increase in testosterone, increased stress, various drugs, dermatological problems and hereditary.

Stress immune system

Chronic stress and immune system
The drop in employment in the industry that makes people more likely to seek additional work with the disposal less and less time and effort. The privileges are restricted, and employees increasingly rare use their holiday entitlement limited to the minimum necessary.