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Lose weight without exercise

Is it possible to lose weight without effort?

Is it possible to lose weight without regular exercise? Unfortunately, not everyone has time for it, except in case of some individuals, may preclude her health problems.

Sport certainly improves condition and mood, and also reduces risk of developing heart disease or diabetes. However, if weight loss is most important diet, supplemented with supplementation.

Sport accelerates metabolism

Physical exercise speeds up metabolism, because while it burn more energy and building up muscles that need more calories than fat tissue. Acceleration of metabolism cause intense workouts, eg. interval or strength. Effective in promoting weight loss are also aerobic workouts, ie effort between 65-75% of maximum heart rate.

Once more we exercise the more we eat

Recent research by scientists from Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine have refuted myth that sport is a way of capturing weight. By. their performance is no relationship between exercise and low body weight. Moreover, increase in number and intensity of workouts, entails an increase in appetite and caloric deficiencies "making up" eating larger amounts of food.

Differences between countries

Number of obese people in Africa, India and China is much lower than in developed countries. Eg, Nigerians do not burn more calories than African-Americans in US, and yet obesity and overweight often US residents. This is due to fact that Americans simply eat more.

Calorie balance for weight loss

Losing excess body fat depends mainly on relationship between calories that we provide, and total caloric needs. Therefore, first of all you should take care of proper diet reduction, with appropriate calorie balance. Clinical studies have shown that at same pace lose weight, those who are on a diet and regularly play sports, as well as those who only limit number of calories.

How should we eat meals with weight loss?

To reduce your weight should first of all remember:

- Eating breakfast and one hot meal a day
- Last meal no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime
- Food slowly and thoroughly chewing each bite
- Moving away from table with the saturation deficit, because feeling of fullness occurs only after some time.

Supplementation with algae for weight loss

To aid process of weight loss, in addition to a balanced diet, can also be used Algodine, which contains an extract from brown algae. They are noted for worldwide, vitamins, protein, minerals and active substances they contain.

At least 35% of composition occupy natural marine polyphenols, which reduces by half action of digestive enzymes, ie. lipase and alpha-amylase. As a result, fats and sugars are absorbed to a lesser extent, and number of calories decreases.

In turn, more than 10% of composition of minerals is concentration of which can be up to 20 times higher than in fruits and vegetables. Contained in algae natural iodine biological component of thyroid hormone, stimulates thermogenesis and thus fat burning.

Daily activity for weight loss

If you use proper diet, supplements supported, we can not of course forget about ordinary, everyday activities. It is worth going for regular walks, during which you can talk with a close person. Cleaning house bring benefit not only in form of purity, but also help you keep in shape. Instead of using escalator you can go traditional. If we take out the rubbish, let's not do that the way out of house, but let's get out and breathe some fresh air.

Practice of sport is a good complement to process of weight loss, but is not a prerequisite. Proper weight is one thing, a sculpted body and good condition of latter. Exercise can accelerate effect of dieting, but you really get weight reduction through diet, supplemented with supplementation.


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