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What to do to be healthy?

What you need to do to be healthy?

What to do to be healthy? First of all, you have to start from the fact that in every man there is a hidden source of health, which to some extent is controlled by our thoughts ....


Of course: There are still cases where the same problems "cured" another specialist, is not it? Dietician by arrangement proper diet with reinforcing meals ... chiropractor by adjusting the alignment of the cervical vertebrae and disability ... an expert on personal development through affirmations ... hypnotist sessions by using auto-suggestion ...

Is not it tends to think? Putting responsibility for their health to a third party makes the "patient" begins BELIEVE and be convinced that it was his health is improving.

Is not it leads to the conclusion that a strong conviction about improving your health ... that inspires very positive ... gives credence ... a sense of security and hope ... is the responsible for the recovery?

Because the idea that it is enough to go to someone, to restore us to sanity, which themselves spoiled it does not seem at least strange?

This confirms that in every man there is a source of health, which is activated by the attitude of a man to return to health. With the belief that if he so chooses, can reach the back of your health!

There is one old story, which is a perfect illustration of the above assumptions, so let me quote it here. According to legend, in the Middle Ages, the bones of a saint stored in one of the monasteries have miraculous powers of healing; on certain days of the gathering a big crowd of suffering to touch the relics and be healed.

During  Christmas party one of these days some sacrilegious villain gained access to the boxes, which kept miraculous relics, and stole the bones; in the morning, when I had already gathered, as usual, a crowd of patients at the gates of the monastery, fathers discovered that they were deprived of carrying miraculous power of healing.

They decided to cover up the matter, hoping that they manage to catch the thief and recover the lost treasure; therefore they rushed to the basement of the monastery, and dug up the bones killer who was buried there many years before. They put them in a gift box and intended to come up with some plausible excuse, why could not this holy day to perform their daily miracles; then let the crowd the sick and the weak.

To the surprise of operating in secret from the faithful fathers bones villain turned out to be as effective as the bones of a saint; and healing took place as before. Apparently, one of the fathers left the witness of the event, in which he confessed that in his healing power still lay in the people, not the bones.

Regardless of whether this story is true, the application refers to all treatments. Power that heals, is the patient himself; whether this power is activated or not, decide the means of physical or mental, but the way the patient thinks about these measures.

Okay. Now specifics. What to do to be healthy?


Is not it just obvious that the man who constantly worried that ill ... who constantly afraid that someone will catch the virus from somewhere ... who is convinced that his immune system is very weak ... in the end actually become ill?


To stay healthy, you need to get him in a mental connection - that way you break all links with mental illnesses.

The best way to do this is to create a new image of himself: a person fully healthy physically and mentally. Efficient, flexible, happy.

About OSS (Image Himself) develops psychocybernetyka Maxwell Maltz, to which I refer!

So create an image of himself as a man completely healthy and take care of that all your thoughts dovetail with him. Maxwell Maltz and persons familiar psychocybernetykę are living proof that mental image in the attainment of the objective reality.

So why not take advantage?

Remember that the subconscious controls the functions of life. All thoughts, repeated long enough and persistently, rooted in the subconscious, where the impact on all our lives ... and body. Thoughts and worries about the disease and negative beliefs, will eventually operate from its levels, which causes the appropriate consequences in reality (in the form of diseases, ailments, pain).

And conversely. Thoughts and beliefs about health, belief in them, they begin to finally work with the subconscious level, which causes the appropriate consequences in real life (in the form of well-being, fitness and health).

Let's go on, because you can not achieve health only by the activities of mental ...

# 2: EAT NATURAL MEALS THAT Nourish Your Body

The less processed the food, the better. Remember to balance. Both overeating and do not get is not right. You should eat so that they do not overeat, and to fill up.

And now the important thing. When you eat? Many experts say that it is always at the same time, in addition, always the same amount of food.

Hmm ... if this makes sense? Well, think a little. Since the subconscious controls all the functions and life processes - and indisputably yes (heartbeat, breathing during sleep, and so on) - this is why nutritionists overlook this fact in the matter of eating?

When the body needs food, which is signaled by the use of sensation called hunger. Whenever food is needed and can be processed, it appears appetite. When there is hunger, it is time to eat.

Not at 8:00, not 9:00, not 13:00 or about any other time. We eat when we feel hunger, because the signal from the body that it needs energy and nutrients.

Eating when there is no sensation of hunger is unnatural. Food without the feeling of hunger is not fully properly processed and used. The subconscious signals the need for food by feeling strong appetite.

In terms of diet we can not go to extremes. Sticking to one single diet created by a man is not a reasonable move. Why? If only because there is a rule established by some experts of nutrition, which does not deny another expert.

Example: Milk. Sentences are extremely divided. Some experts say that the milk after infancy should not be included in the diet, providing several arguments for doing so ... while others say just the opposite, giving its arguments. Real chaos.

So where to look for answers to the question of what to eat? In nature!

Food man should be compatible with the area where he lives. In cold regions of the far north are recommended foods that provide energy. Brain development is relatively small, and life is largely based on the work of the muscles, so the Eskimos feed on mostly fish oils and fat of marine animals.

No other diet is not possible in their case, they have no access to fruits, nuts and vegetables, and even if they had, and so they could not feed them in a climate in which they live. Therefore, despite the arguments of vegetarians, the Eskimos still eat will fat of animal origin.

There remains the question of HOW to eat. A few comments: a well-chewed food; when we have a moment of peace, and no one (or anything) we will not rush and when we feel good. Eating in anger, anger or despair is not recommended due to the release of digestive processes, due to the negative state and well-being.


Physical activity entails a number of benefits. First of all, the move to normalize body functions. Oxygenates the brain, like the whole body - thanks to a better blood supply to all the muscles of the body. In this way, we supply more oxygen to the body.

Movement, increased blood flow and better oxygenation of the muscles, in turn, will help get rid of toxins from the body. Lack of exercise causes the accumulation of contaminants in the intercellular spaces of waste continuously ongoing metabolism, or the products of oxidation processes.

What worth attention, getting rid of these impurities is possible only by the movement, the forces of elasticity. In the end, life is a constant movement, right?

At this point, I recommend calisthenics vibro A.A. Mikulin and knowledge of bioenergetics G.P. Małachowa.


Our vitality regenerate during sleep. All living organisms sleep; people, animals, reptiles, fish, insects. Also, plants have regular rest periods. This is because during sleep we make contact with the Source of Life, so that our lives can be renewed. It was during sleep the human brain receives life energy, Source of Life in man - a new force. It is therefore vital that we burn naturally, normally and fully healthy.

During sleep, breathe deeply and rhythmically, than during the day, meaning that regeneration need much of a component of the atmosphere. Hence, it is important to clean and fresh air during sleep!

Surgeons have found that the sleeping outdoors is very effective in the treatment of lung diseases. Proposal? Sleep in a room with an open window.

Someone here might not agree. Well, no such right. There are in fact ridiculous theories that sleeping with the window open causes colds and other ailments. And because the practice of all verified, once I decided that this check.

For three years, summer or winter - sleep with the window open. I feel better because enough sleep better. Brain and nerve centers can not be fully regenerated, if you sleep in the dead and the still air. We need a living, clean air.

What to do to be healthy? Now you know. But this is not the end ...


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