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Starting a weight loss plan

Weight loss - how to start?

Where to start losing weight? because before you start improving your figure should be to prepare and have a concrete plan of what you want to achieve and how to achieve?

Weight loss: I assume that you already know what you want to achieve!

Absolutely can not have an approach like "something start a practice, you may be able to lose weight a little and if not so be it." With this approach, the first will be hard to get you started, and probably never even start. Secondly, even if the start is short and you do not take a professional and, therefore, the effects will not be so great you justify herself that "I tried and failed."

Specifically, what you want to achieve? lose weight? how much? 2kg. or 22kg? and can have a beautiful athletic body? The term specific to what you want to achieve is essential!

Weight loss: Prepare yourself mentally for action

You need to establish a specific date, but not on the principle of "tomorrow" because tomorrow it will be constantly moving, and you will never start.

The best fix, eg. from Monday the new month why? For two reasons: First, you'll have plenty of time to settle down so plan on that at the moment when you start, you certainly do not fall out. Secondly, you have to get used to the idea that for some time to start.

Simply prepare to realize what you have planned. To do this, all this time you should think about it, that is "starting to five days, four, and so on." Think also about the fact that otherwise you'll eat, so that at some point it will happen for you normal, and when it arrives this day, just you start.

However, if you do not prepare for it mentally, when that day comes, it may happen that easily give up their intentions, because you think you specifically do not you planned.

Really, trust me, the way it works!

Weight loss: What is needed is knowledge

If you already know what you want to achieve, you have a deadline for when you begin, and in addition you can not go forward, you need one more knowledge about this, or how to do to reach the goal.

Remember one thing. Many women believe that if you are overweight, it is enough that mobilize to any exercise and famish. Unfortunately I immediately say, that does not famish damage and west.

Is eg. if you want to learn to play a musical instrument, is enough to play at random? Even you can not call it playing, it is the same and in the field. Lack of knowledge does not allow you to achieve success.

Precisely for this reason, in very small percentages of people who exercise are any effects.

Watch out, there are people who do not want you achieved success.

To these people are friends and guess who's still married.

Did you have a situation where you tell a colleague that you want to start practicing or go on a diet? Most often it was like, "Oh, me too, but in a month, after the holidays, the birthdays, etc." These are nonsensical excuses. Supposed to start with you, so that you will be livelier, but probably it never starts and you can not.

Usually it is so that it will be for you a great excuse, "friend do it and I did not begin, because we had to start again." Remember, it is possible that a colleague has never had a desire to start eg. with laziness. However, the occasion will be very effectively dissuade you from acting, because it is very hard to her was to admit to myself that you started and in addition have reached something else. Instead, she did not even have enough willpower to do anything at all to mobilize!

Do you know why you married? What does he mean after all, she would want to have an attractive wife? Well, not entirely so. This is just one side of the coin, but unfortunately there is another slightly worse.

Surely you turned out that when she goes attractive woman, practically all the men behind her watching. Well, and if the men would like to be viewed as their wives?

Unfortunately not!

It is a very selfish attitude, but it happens quite often. These are the men, not all of course, but the vast majority. Why is this happening? Since our chosen one likes to be Lord of the situation, then you have peace of mind.

Just relaxed watching other women, and the side has a wife who put on weight after giving birth, and deals with crying children. Typically, little interests him how you feel then, why change this situation and think about yourself! No one will do for you.


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