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Facial hair on women

Excessive facial hair on women - what to do?

Smooth skin is dream of every woman. Unfortunately, dark and unsightly hair, make our appearance may leave much to be desired. What is essential, we must pay attention to moment when problem is no longer confined to legs, skin, armpits and bikini area?

These parts of the body require special attention

When summer comes, you and it will be time to set up tops with short sleeves.  Shorter sleeve, greater risk that it will become visible underarm hair. Many women, despite the systematic depilation, do not pay attention to it, or are emerging new hair or not. And these, unfortunately, are clearly visible.

Similarly, with legs. If you are going to wear dresses or shorts, with systematic legs we can not forget. In fight with hairs in those places we can use almost all available means: depilatories, waxes, foam or patches.

Special creams require hair removal in the bikini area. Here we do best at the moment when we choose hair removal cream that part of body. Choice of effective and safe means is getting wider, so each of us will find something for themselves. Worse, when hair appears in place not only gentle, but also very well visible. Such a place is first and foremost our face.

When hypertrichosis appears on face

Unfortunately, problems with hair removal in many cases is not confined to legs, underarms and bikini area. Doubtful mustache, too thick eyebrows here are problems faced by many women.

Laser hair removal is not always proves to be a good option, not every woman can afford a series of treatments that allow for removal of excessive hair in this way.


This is method expensive and requires patience. The procedure is performed by laser must be repeated several times at intervals of several weeks. Fortunately, problem of women sentenced to depilation face was spotted by producers of cosmetics, and effect of this is getting wider range of delicate slices, waxes and creams.

For example, brand Veet helps women remove hair from her face, offering them care plasters and waxes gentle on skin, but merciless for hairs. Special patches to fight the mustache and creams can help solve problems with excessive facial hair, but their effectiveness does not relieve us of the need to check medical base of our problem.

You have a problem with excessive facial hair? Check the status of your health!

Excessive facial hair is a problem quite shy, but in fact, many women have to face it. Feminine mustache, too dense, darkening fuzz on his cheeks are common ailments that many women seeking to effectively hide thanks to modern cosmetics to hair removal.

Note, however, that it is important not only our concern about appearance, but also for our health. Excessive facial hair can surely be result of hormonal disorders, may also indicate another disease, which affects development of, among others, on hormones.

If hirsutism also appears around chest and abdomen, you should do your research, which may confirm (or rule out) hirsutism. It is a disease involving excessive amounts of male hormones, which modern medicine is doing better and better. This problem is often associated with other diseases, eg. with polycystic ovary syndrome or obesity.

With an extended endocrinology and a wide range of gentle cosmetics for effective hair removal face any woman can get rid of that shameful problem of hirsutism, among others, on face. It is important not to be confined only to mask problem, but in time to determine its cause.


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