Oxidative stress relief

Oxidative stress that is a fire hazard body

Oxidative stress is the most fundamental cause of illnesses. To describe this phenomenon was an incentive for a lot of research and discoveries. It has been demonstrated its relationship with more than 50 disease entities, primarily the so-called. diseases of civilization.

Oxygen is the most abundant element in nature. There is both in free and in the form compounds with other elements. It creates these compounds in combustion reactions, often violent and uncontrollable as during a fire.

We humans are organisms which to live oxygen is essential. None of us do not need to remind you to breathe - this process is controlled beyond our consciousness. No wonder that every day do not bother what is happening with oxygen inside our body.

And this is the fundamental thing to sustain life. Through the blood of oxygen is delivered to every cell in our body. Here is involved in the so-called. cellular respiration, i.e., in combustion processes of organic compounds (eg. carbohydrates, fats, ...).

This takes place in the mitochondria acting as 'boiler room' producing energy necessary for life processes, and - as when burned - waste, ashes, not to say garbage, including the so-called. oxygen free radicals.

Free radicals are very unstable compounds, chemically active, rapidly seeking opportunities to achieve balance. They can therefore oxidize virtually all cellular components, particularly proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, cell membranes, ....

Worse still recovering balance deprive the attacked molecule and force further cascade of reactions in which they normally do not participate.

In a normal physiological processes occurring about 2% of oxygen supplied to niepełnemu of the body is burnt and becomes free radical form. A healthy 20-year-old produces the approx. 2 kg per year!

It seems inconspicuous, right? Meanwhile, it is - as estimated that every cell of the body is attacked by free radicals approx. 10,000 times a day, leading to a number of defects.

Oxidative stress - how to help?

Fortunately, nature creating a problem, has also created its solution.

Firstly, we can produce substances that are intended to be radical scavengers (antioxidants) and the interruption of the reaction cascade which arise.

Our body has a whole range of such compounds (proteins, enzymes, hormones, ...) generated in various organs. The problem is that with age the ability of their production and weak they become less and less effective.

Second: 1000 damage to the cells of our body repairs 999, if the defense system is working properly.

Thirdly, we are equipped with a mechanism allowing apoptosis programmed death and removal of damaged cells outside the system.

Quite brilliant is that the immune system before they get rid of free radicals, using them to fight other threats or to stimulate many vital processes. An example would be necessary e.g. nitric oxide. In the transmission of impulses in the nervous system, and many other necessary processes of life.

That is normal. That is, when the immune system is functioning smoothly. That is, when we are dealing with physiological amounts of free radicals.

There are many situations when the body reaches excessive levels of reactive oxygen species, or the so-called. oxidative stress. This occurs due to the imbalance of our internal environment, or homeostasis. Such is. The physical effort, the stress disorders, inflammation, and in other situations. In moderate amounts, these phenomena are beneficial, even desirable.

Unfortunately, every day will put himself unplanned by nature mighty portion of free radicals coming from outside. We eat products saturated with chemical additives, 'correctors' taste, smell, appearance, etc. We drink tap water and all that it contains.

We breathe polluted air. All this also messes up your body in an incredible way. As a result, we are subject to permanent oxidative stress. Our body is constantly fighting with the notorious emerging inflammations and fires!

Every firefighter knows that the fire hazard always increases with increasing amounts of garbage. This applies to ordinary shed, home and our body.

There comes a moment when the question instead of 'do?' It begins to sound 'when?' and where?' They light up and how rapid will fire?

It follows from another: if the immune system has enough specialized rescue units equipped with the appropriate equipment and extinguishing agents? Is the supply of antioxidants is at an appropriate level?

The constant oxidative stress is a pathological nature of the situation. So it should not surprise that the reaction of our bodies is also pathological.

Oxidative stress: digestive problems and constipation

Almost all have for this reason, problems with digestion and elimination. Low dose, day after day the poison. To treat diseases of the digestive system (eg. ulcers), the circulatory system (eg. hypertension, atherosclerosis), joints (rheumatoid arthritis) and many others (eg. allergies, diabetes, cancer, ...).

We comply with medications that instead clean 'sweep the garbage under the carpet'. They are like a fire blanket - dampen the embers, but they do not clean the area. Worse - they add new waste and 'forcibly packing them' in the intestines, kidneys, liver, and other organs.

The problem of littering the inner body and the constant threat of fire every one of us to a large extent creates himself.

Sami so we should look for an effective way of cleaning up the 'land' and bring the degree of risk to normal levels.


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