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Red wine and health

Red wine health

There is much talk about the destructive effects of alcohol on the body. But not entirely so. Yes, everyone alcohol harmful in large quantities. But there are those that in quite a small help.

We are talking about red wine. Many specialized studies have demonstrated that drinking glasses of red wine a day strengthens the circulatory system and heart. And where these proposals?

As a curiosity, it is worth mention that in the early nineties of the last century, conducted a study that showed that the French region of Bordeaux significantly less likely to die of heart disease than anyone in the world. And the fact that the French have delighted in red wine, is obvious. They drink it regularly, but in small quantities.

What are the properties of a red wine?

It turns out that red wine contains ten times more antioxidants than the white. They are responsible for the aging of cells. In addition, the wine contains polyphenols, found in the seeds, peel and stalks of grapes, because red wine is produced from grapes whole fruit.

They are responsible for lowering blood pressure, so protect us against heart attack. White wines are produced from the same juice, so it does not contain such a quantity of polyphenols. That's what the wine will be the content of polyphenols, it depends on the grape variety which originates and the region in which it is grown. There are also important techniques used in wine-making.

Wine also contains large amounts of potassium, magnesium and calcium. Some species are also rich in iron, organic acids, amino acids, and fiber. It should be noted that the flavonoids, which are contained in red wine, we effectively protect against atherosclerosis and clotting. They work because of the bad LDL cholersterol and are responsible for ensuring that the platelets stick together. As a result, inter alia, to prevent stroke.

Reswaratrol and quercetin protect our DNA and destroy free radicals, which are responsible for coronary artery disease. Acetylsalicylic acid, more commonly known as aspirin, which is also found in red wine, thins the blood. The high content of potassium makes the red wine suitable for the treatment of hypertension.

Additionally, wine, as any alcohol, dilate, thereby increasing the diameter of the coronary arteries, resulting in better nutrition of the heart, thus reducing the risk of ischemia of the organ. It also prevents heart palpitacjom resulting from stress, because it prevents the narrowing of blood.

Red wine and digestive system

This is not the end, red wine also affects the digestive system well, thanks to the tannins. If you drink them during dinner, increases the secretion of saliva, and thus the production of digestive enzymes, thus improving the blood circulation system. In this way, nutrients quickly get into the blood. And that is why wine has emerged as a standard alcoholic drink consumed with meals.

It strengthens the immune system. Through flavonoids, which destroy free radicals, strengthens the immune system. As you can see, red wine, drunk in the relevant, ie in small quantities can greatly prolong our lives.


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