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Can't fall asleep

What to do to fall asleep faster?

To help you fall asleep, you need to take care of appropriate conditions in bedroom and peaceful atmosphere, as well as give up the stodgy dinner.

Reduced time to fall asleep can also help natural ingredients such as melatonin recently also available in the form of patented nanoemulsion that can be used for a few minutes before bedtime. Nowadays many people lead lives at high speed, which is caused by an excess of responsibilities. Everyday worries and stress are one of the causes of problems sleeping.

Effects of sleep problems.

Unfortunately, trouble sleeping, which makes sleep too short, hinder daily functioning.

They can cause:

- Tiredness, lack of energy to work or study
- Irritability, anxiety or sadness
- Poorer memory and concentration.

Take care of conditions in bedroom.

To make it easier to fall asleep, room should reign silence and darkness. When it is too hot or too stuffy, hard for us to sleep, and sleep is unhealthy and we wake up. Therefore, you should ventilate room in advance and ensure optimum temperature should be 18-20 degrees centigrade When preparing to sleep, we can tighten thermostat so it was a bit cooler than during day.

Do not buy too soft mattress that does not sleep well. Fortunately shops on offer are those that adapt themselves to shape of our body. Ideally, pajamas was made of natural fabrics and bed linen with wool or cotton.

What to eat and what they give up?

Naiad the night is not conducive to proper rest. Digestion process takes time, during which body does not regenerate properly.  Acidity of gastric juices makes body remains awake. To make it easier to fall asleep before going to bed, you can drink a glass of warm milk or water. Heat will make digestive system would then be relaxed.

Dinner, which consists of easily digestible food, should eat 2-3 hours before going. If we have something to eat later, let us remember that it was something really light. Besides, you should avoid alcohol, carbonated beverages, coffee and cola, which also contains caffeine.

Calm mood

Nothing relaxes like a warm bath or shower, which artificially increase temperature of our body. But when we get out of bath with hot water, body temperature decreases rapidly. Then body receives a signal that it's time to sleep.

Mute is not television, which causes stimulation of brain cells. Exciting film can speed heart rate and increase your heart rate. On the other hand use, with the lights off from your smartphone, stimulates eye. People who have trouble falling asleep should be for it to listen to relaxing music or read a book.

Effective melatonin for sleep

Those who want to shorten time needed to fall asleep can reach for melatonin. On the market there are different forms of product, and most popular is tablets. However, remember that when administered in such form, released active substance, must first pass through walls of the intestine.

Before it reaches heart, lungs or bloodstream, at beginning you must cross gate, which is liver. It is metabolized up to 90% of melatonin, while remaining part of the kidneys. Therefore, availability of active material decreases, and effect is called first pass effect.

Nanoemulsion melatonin spray to sleep

First pass through liver can be avoided by changing route of administration of formulation, eg. by oral mucosa. With good blood supply, it is appropriate organ to absorb. This ensures that most of active substance (eg. in  form of a spray), bypassing liver, quickly gets into blood.


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