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Copenhagen diet menu

A sample menu diet Copenhagen

Many people around world are interested in dropping a few or even several extra kilograms. This to happen it is necessary to place a strong will and an effective diet which is, for example, 13-day diet called Copenhagen.

Diet Copenhagen is a very rigorous program, which approaches should only persons enjoying good health to be ascertained before starting treatment, contact your doctor. Diet Copenhagen has many supporters but also a large crowd of opponents.

The latter mention most often as main arguments against very rigorous plan for possibility of so-called yo-yo effect.  Network can find a lot of interesting information on this diet is necessary to study all the possible sources of this before taking a slimming diet.

Diet Copenhagen takes only thirteen days at this time, depending on initial weight you can lose weight from 7 up to 20 kg. This results in such a short time is impressive. During period of dietary calories you will accept our body varies between 500 and 900 which is a very small number. This is a very specific argument, which confirms fact that visit to doctor is necessary.

But the fact is fact that described diet is not universal for each person one will consider it a great way to fast and effective weight loss. While others will judge that a diet very Copenhagen destroys body and not enough of a history of treatment and so everything goes back to state before diet for one simple reason, namely yo-yo effect.

As for rules of Copenhagen diet they are very restrictive and there is no question here of any exceptions to rule. Interestingly, it can be applied only once every two years because some extent oppresses body. After traveling throughout 13-day diet gradually increasing  number of calories consumed - we have about this is important to remember because we indulge in excessive lead only to one yo-yo effect.

Before starting diet program Copenhagen is a must seriously consider whether it is suitable for us, whether we have enough strong will to persevere to end. Doctor can clear up almost all of our capabilities because it is necessary to contact him and ask what he thinks about diet of that in our context.

Menu diet Copenhagen

DAY 1 and 8.

Breakfast: a cup of coffee, sugar cube
II breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, boiled spinach, tomato
Lunch: a big steak, lettuce with oil and lemon

DAY 2 and 9.

Breakfast: a cup of coffee, sugar cube
II breakfast: a big steak, lettuce with oil and lemon
Lunch: slice of ham, 2-3 cups plain yogurt

DAY 3 and 10.

Breakfast: a cup of coffee, sugar cube, toast
II breakfast: boiled spinach, fresh fruit, tomato
Lunch: slice of ham, 2 boiled eggs, salad with oil and lemon

DAY 4 and 11.

Breakfast: a cup of coffee, sugar cube
II breakfast: grated carrot, boiled egg, cottage cheese natural
Lunch: fruit salad, 2-3 cups plain yogurt

DAY 5 and 12.

Breakfast: a large carrot tart with lemon
II breakfast: a large skinny fish
Lunch: steak, lettuce and broccoli

DAY 6 and 13.

Breakfast: a cup of black coffee, sugar cube
II breakfast: chicken, lettuce with oil and lemon
Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, a large carrot

DAY 7.

Breakfast: a cup of tea without sugar
II breakfast: grilled lean meat
Lunch: you do not eat anything

Remember strictly sticking to prepared menu. Small candy bar, a glass of wine or a cookie can undermine entire effort, because a sudden attack of hunger it is recommended to wash down with water (up to 2 liters a day) with a few drops of lemon juice or a few leaves of parsley. Water fills the stomach, killing hunger.


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