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Headache help

What will help a headache?

Apples are a source of approx. 300 for health-related components (in addition to potassium, such as antioxidants, iron, pectin). But the secret lies in their combination, because they reinforce each other's action.

Warning! Apple treatments prevent headaches and help when the pain you gonna get.

Treatment for headaches

1. Inhalation thistle apple headache

Mix cider vinegar with boiling water in a ratio of 1: 1 with the addition of mint (tablespoon of herbs per cup of boiling water).

2. Baths feet headache

In a bowl pour k. 2 liters of very hot water, add 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar, urine feet for 15 minutes.

3. Wraps headache

Compress (eg. folded gauze or cloth), soak in cold water, then sprinkle with apple cider vinegar (just a spoon), and to put your forehead or temples. You can also rub the skin peel the apples (the side with pulp).

Medications to prevent headaches

1. Treatment of whole fruits

Cross section apple (do not peel), remove the cores. Season with salt a little, eat on an empty stomach. Use daily for a week, and during periods when you often have pain (eg. In the winter and spring) - permanently.

2. Treatment vinegar

Start the day (min. One week, but you can permanently) from drinking a glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey. Vinegar can buy (a preservative) or do.

How to make apple cider vinegar?

Ingredients: 2 kg of apples | 2.5 l of water | 25 grams of sugar | 2.5 grams of yeast | zest of 2-3 slices of wholemeal bread

Preparation: Washed apples, chop, pour warm boiled water with sugar, add yeast and zest, mix well. Let stand for 10 days in a warm, dark place, stirring twice a day. Strain and set aside in a cool place for 1.5 months. Drain the liquid through cheesecloth into dark bottles. Stable indefinitely.

3. Treatment of tea

The infusion of dried apples cleansing effect, a common cause of headaches are surging in the body deposits.

4 pieces of dried apple and a teaspoon marjoram or rosemary pour a glass of boiling water. Brew 5 minutes. Drink on an empty stomach daily for a month, then take a month break.

What to avoid headaches?

Avoid smoked meats, canned food and alcohol, and products containing monosodium glutamate (eg. sauces, soups, chips).

Should limit products that contain amine (compounded headaches). They are: legumes, citrus fruits, cheeses and mold, chocolate, peanuts.

Eliminate aspartame. Can be in the sweetened product, a light (eg. yogurt), and chewing gum.

Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach. Some helps, but it can also exacerbate symptoms: check, as is the case for you.


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