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Improve your hearing

How to strengthen your hearing?

Auditory deterioration occurs in stages. At first you think you have heard something because there was a noise around, then more and more you twist the sound on the TV ... until you are ashamed to admit that you have a problem.

Such condition can last even several years.

How simple ways to strengthen your hearing?

1. Knocking the back of the head.

Place your hands on your ears so that your fingers are on the back of your head. With your fingertips start tapping the back of your head - you can hear the sound like a drum sound in your ears. You should do 12 light strokes.

Then press your hands to your ear. Take a breath and exhale and repeat the procedure 3 times.

Warning! Massage once a day, preferably in the morning, just after waking up. Knocking will strengthen the work of the internal organs of the ear (including anvils and snails).

2. Massage the ear flake.

Grease ear flap with cream or olive oil. Start with two fingers, lightly millimeter by millimeter.

Warning! Such massage suppresses tinnitus.

3. Massage the jaw bone.

For 2 minutes gently - with your index finger and thumb - massage the point at the end of the jaw bone where it touches the upper part of the ear.

Warning! This massage will help to improve blood flow to the tympanic membrane and strengthen it.

Exercise to strengthen your hearing

Physical activity is excellent for the body, including the hearing system. Because:

1. Walk for at least half an hour each day;

2. Do these exercises every day (repeat every 5 times):

  • Make your hips in each direction;
  • Try to lift each of your knees as high as possible;
  • Lift your hands up, then lower them to the sides. 

What diet to strengthen your hearing?

Eat more foods that contain vitamins A, C, E and magnesium. Studies have shown that this set can prevent damage to the inner ear from noise.

Reach for:

     brussels sprout;
     sunflower seeds;

Strengthen the food that contains zinc (improves the work of the inner ear). Eat more livers, beef, groats, beans, almonds and dark chocolate.

Herbs that help sharpen your hearing

The Japanese ginkgo not only improves the hearing, but can bring back the sudden loss, such as a crash or an accident. Take 120 mg ginkgo biloba twice daily.

Ginseng increases blood supply to the tissues inside the ear.

Warning! Its use should always consult with physicians as it raises the pressure.

Boost improves vascular circulation within the entire hearing organ. Prevents hearing loss related to age.


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