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Yoga for your eyes

Yoga for the eyes sample exercises

Yoga for the eyes is the discovery of recent years in the field of alternative medicine. Its effectiveness will definitely decide the subconscious and the belief that with the right exercises you can achieve surprising results. The following series of basic yoga exercises to be performed in a relaxed state approx. 50-60 minutes a day.

Massage face and eyes

One of the basic exercises of yoga to massage face and eyes, which affects the blood circulation around the eyes. Before exercise we start from the massage of the face, preferably a hot hands, it would be best if he took approx. 20-30 minutes. Value of the focus point on each face.

Points, which are the most painful are those that have accumulated the most stress, they are mainly in the area of ​​the eyebrows, and are linked to the tensions associated with myopia, problems with the retina, glaucoma or points under his breath when one eye is weaker than the other.

It should be a lot of time to devote to the space between the eyebrows, where it accumulates a lot of tension in the view. Then go to automassage neck - preferably lying down, resting head on the reverse side, bringing to an end the session circulation shoulders. After the session relaxant, you can go to the eye exercises.

Moving eyes - sideways, up, down, then circulation knobs with closed eyelids. This exercise improves flexibility and strengthens the muscles around the eyes.


This is another exercise that allows you to rest your eyes, relaxes the nervous system, improves blood circulation in the eyes. Rest during sleep is not enough, thanks to palming the eyes are subjected to conscious and active relaxation.

Must be practiced in a darkened room, sitting on the floor or lying on his side, because it mainly for convenience, because during exercise should keep his hands on the eyes. Whole hands, cover your eyes without touching the eyelids and imagine black. Seeing black is only possible when the nerve of sight is actually relaxed.

Do not do anything by force, so as not to cause unnecessary tension. The main objective of this exercise is a visualization of black combined with the state of relaxation and calm regular breathing. If during exercise your eyes begin to weep, it hundereds good sign, because testifies about relaxation (usually strained eyes are dry).

Palming is a difficult exercise, because it naturally occurs in our fear, fear of loss of alertness. It should then focus on a slow deep breath. Palming should last for 30-45 minutes, but if this is not possible shorter sessions, even several times a day bring good results.

Blinking eyes

Thanks to remove tension blink your eyes, it helps your eyes relax, the way it rubs and washes, removes the habit of staring. Blinking helps relax wrinkles and allows the eyes to smooth motion from one object to another without freezing glances.

Blinking, not too fast, effortless, fully opening his eyes. In a bright room, rather try to blink and do not close your eyes, squinting because stiffens the muscles around the eyes, but also focuses the light in the eyes of a painful and harmful way.

Peripheral vision

Most of us every day uses central vision weakens spot, which is responsible for precise vision. Central vision very tightens the muscles of the face, especially on the forehead and around the jaw.

To block central vision and stimulate peripheral vision is useful to the following exercise. You need to prepare three rectangles of bristol with a height of 5 cm and a width of 6, 9 and 12 cm, and attach them between the eyes. Let's start with the smallest rectangle.

Then, looking at bristol, in front of him, turn his head from side to side, moving at the same time with your hands or fingers on both strobnach head near the ears. This movement stimulates the peripheral cells. Then close your eyes and visualize your hands moving. It should be the time to do an exercise with larger rectangles, until the smallest seem to us to be even smaller.

Wow eyes

Its aim is to increase the sense of movement with the involvement in the process of looking. Regular exercise long swing will break the habit of squinting or eyestrain, will stimulate peripheral vision and integrate field of view.

To perform the exercise should stand astride finger placed 25 cm in front of your nose and look at him. The finger should be moved sideways and follow him eyes. The head must be moved so that the finger was always right in front of his eyes. You can combine this exercise with deep twists and slopes trunk.

Solarize (sunshine)

The aim of the exercise is to increase the acceptance of daylight, which is especially important for people staying indoors. Best winner dream to perform this exercise before 10 am and after 16. You have pictures glasses, glass and nei not perform exercises through the glass. Then close your eyes and direct face to the sun, moving his head from side to side, approaching his chin to his shoulder, until we turn it the other way.

The head should move continuously, without stopping, very slowly and without much effort. Perform at least 30 turns. When your eyes get used to the bright light, you will be relaxed. It should perform alternating sunshine with palming.

If the closed eyelids during solarization see green color, it means that the eyes are strained. It is good to perform sunshine approx. 20 minutes a day. If you have concerns or not does not contribute to the development of cataract, you should talk to an ophthalmologist.

It seems that taking on exercise hours is too long. You can even perform certain exercises and even thanks to it you can feel the tension decreased vision. Exercises regularly, can really bring measurable results in reducing eye fatigue, improve vision, and even to recover the full visual acuity.

So let's focus on yourself and within the care of the body and mind begin to take care of the eyes. How to start? The decision that we want to turn to yoga daily program care about each other, and if we systematically effects will not have to wait long.


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