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Stress and food

The best diet for stress

Living in the era of the twenty-first century consists mainly of stress. Who of us was ever in a stressful situation? Starting from the school, study, work and so on.

The cause of the increasing number of diseases is just stress, and it was he who has an adverse effect on our bodies. The vulnerable to stress when they lose the essential nutrients. It is very important for them to proper diet.

Diet stress: firstly

Meals should consist of large amounts of protein, carbohydrates and unsaturated fatty acids and must also be preserved proportion of these ingredients, eg. 20 g meat and 100 g of pasta.

Diet stress: second

Diet should be rich in fresh fruits (eg. strawberries, apples, grapefruit, bananas, etc.) and fresh vegetables (eg. peppers, cucumbers, chicory, cabbage (reduces anxiety).

They are a source of minerals and flavonoids (substances with sedative and mood improving). Fruits and vegetables are also a rich source of various vitamins and minerals. An important role in reducing stress comply products rich in carbohydrates, eg. wholemeal bread, pasta.

Diet stress: third

The menu should include oatmeal, nuts, cocoa, dark chocolate and sprouted grain. All these products are rich in magnesium, which is responsible for the nervous system. In addition, the chocolate contains a substance through which is secreted by the brain hormone "happiness" - good being. Meals should therefore be a source of vitamins, minerals, trace elements.

Diet stress: fourth

For meals, you can add nutmeg, lemon balm, basil, thyme or marjoram. Herbs, affect the human body, among others, in a way reassuring.

Diet stress: fifth

Every day we should drink about 2 liters of mineral water. It restores energy and would mitigate the symptoms of stress. We can drink non-carbonated beverages, eg. fresh juices, tea with lemon balm, which has a calming effect and silencing.

Diet stress: sixth

People exposed or susceptible to stress should avoid sweets, pork, energy drinks. These products stimulate the production of adrenaline, which for stressed further increases the pressure. In addition, coffee is advised that kills magnesium, increases anxiety and worsens the concentration. Diet stress should not include alcohol, which can lead to depression.


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