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Food combining weight loss

Food combining for weight loss

The principle of proper composition of meals is that foods that we consume every day, made up of five basic components, namely: protein, fat, starch, sugars and acids.

Almost always the case that one of the ingredients in the meal dominant and it was he who takes over the process of digestion - and create appropriate conditions in the stomach, degree of acidity and amount of enzymes.

Good and proper food combining is the foundation of any diet and weight loss program, it is worth following rules apply every day and not just pdoczas duration of the diet. Metabolism they regulate body metabolism regulates what has an impact on the overall condition of the body and susceptibility to disease.

Principles of good combining foods while losing weight

1. During the same meal should not be combined with each other starchy foods and sugars (carbohydrates) of protein products or acidic fruit.

It is this separation of the protein from the starch at each meal was the most important principle of the Programme Dr. Haya. He believed that it should be divided "bickering" ingredients. They call for an entirely different conditions with digestion.

2. Fruits and vegetables should be the foundation of our food.

3. The starch products, sugars (carbohydrates), proteins and fats should be eaten in small quantities.

4. Admissible only grain products with whole grain: whole wheat, and refined fats. It should be completely eliminated all the ingredients purified and processed, in particular, white flour, white sugar, refined fats and foods containing unnatural additives such as preservatives, artificial colors, etc..

5. The interval between meals should not be longer or shorter than four or four and a half hours. This requirement allows our digestive conductor to effectively deal with one type of food at a time, and also allows you to rest.

And what about drinking?

Also, do not drink during meals, food or drink. Mixed with the liquid food causes more trouble at the time of digestion and, consequently, can cause constipation. However, you can drink before eating, preferably clean, cool water. Do not be a popular social drink or drink very cold or very hot, as they may interfere with digestion.


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