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Weight loss and fruits

Fruit helps in weight loss

About the salutary power of the fruit knows everyone. It is a source of essential vitamins, which guarantee a well-being and a healthy lifestyle. They are also an important ingredient that helps in the weight loss process! We present a few fruits which, to the surprise of the majority, can contribute to the loss of kilograms.

Avocado helps in weight loss

Not without reason is the fruit at the top of the list. Avocado is enriched in omega 3 fatty acids and is an excellent way to lose weight. American researchers have confirmed that eating avocados halves the risk of metabolic syndrome, increasing the risk of atherosclerosis, stroke, and type II diabetes.

Pear helps in weight loss

Pear provides one quarter of daily fiber requirement and is ideal for your digestive system. It also helps to reduce cholesterol, the risk of coronary heart disease and type II diabetes. The fiber content gives a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Watermelon in weight loss

This fruit needs special attention because it is devoid of fat. It has a high water content (90%), and 100g servings contains only 30 calories. It is also a rich source of amino acids called arginine that help burn fat. The best thing is that not only do you keep the vitality, but also you will feel full longer. In addition, watermelon is rich in vitamins A, B and C.

Bananas in weight loss

Consisting of 105 calories, banana is an excellent source of energy that helps burn fat faster. It also helps to overcome muscle cramps, keeps blood pressure levels, prevents acidity and even constipation.

Grapefruit in weight loss

Studies have shown that people consuming one grapefruit a day lost much more weight than those who did not. Grapefruit is a fruit with high carbohydrate content, so it is best to eat it for breakfast.

Oranges in weight loss

It's not just an orange flavor, 100g of this fruit contains only 47 calories! High water content and low calorie levels will make the fruit able to satisfy emotional hunger and help you lose weight.

Apples in weight loss

It reduces the risk of cancer, whitens teeth, strengthens the immune system, and even overcomes diarrhea and constipation. It's nothing but an apple. If you are slimming, you should definitely include apples in your diet. One medium apple contains about 50 calories and contains no fat or sodium.


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