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Cystic acne causes

Cystic acne causesAcne can be for many persistent disease. This is for example the case of acne most frequently encountered form of the disease, or in the case of rosacea, where the presence of redness causes discomfort sick person.

Why quit smoking?

Quit smokingCigarette smoking is a habit from which it is difficult to break. Many people establishes itself as a New Years resolution or a birthday party that ends with cigarettes - often, unfortunately, it soon becomes clear that the strong will lose the desire to inflammation.

Accelerate metabolism

How to speed up metabolism? Very many people are not able to achieve the dream of training goals and results for which they work due to slow metabolism. When months and exhausting hours spent on exercises do not give results, it is worth considering the cause.

MS treatment

Multiple sclerosis symptoms and treatment The most likely cause of multiple sclerosis, according to doctors is called. an autoimmune process, which consists in the fact that the immune system recognizes the myelin (nerve fibers) as well as foreign tissue and opposes it.

Taking antibiotics

How to properly take antibiotics? It is time for the disease. You lie in bed and reach for an antibiotic. STOP! Do you know how to properly use an antibiotic? Do you know how to avoid mistakes on taking this effective, but also a strong group of drugs?

Diet for acne

What diet for acne? For your daily diet effect was skin care and prevents the formation of acne, check first what you should eat and what should be every day on your plate.

Winter weight loss

How not to gain weight in winter? When the window temperature is becoming lower, we have wanted for more. More carbohydrates, fats, sugars. Winter seems to be a period in which it is impossible not to gain weight.

Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and treatment

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis - symptoms and treatment The first symptom of incipient rheumatic disease, it suddenly appearing pain and edema (continuous or suddenly appearing and disappearing). It often happens that people are trying to wait out using painkillers, and then the disease develops.