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What causes stress?

Diseases caused by stress
Stress is a difficult opponent that slowly destroys us. Symptoms appear as if out of nowhere, the most common effect of life in chronic tension. You should know that wile of them can alleviate household methods.

Phospholipids to strengthen the liver

How to strengthen the liver The active compounds contained in soy phospholipids are important for the proper functioning of the liver. One of them is choline, which protects the body by a toxin. It is involved in the construction of cell membranes, improves liver function. Also accelerates the regeneration of the cells (hepatocytes).

Buteyko breathing method

Professor Buteyko Breathing Exercises In Russia it is known to exercise that in a few minutes can unlock even the most cluttered nose, because it uses the law governing the physiology of the human body.

Fiber Tablets

The fiber in the form of tablets
Fiber will help you to effectively combat many ailments, and this is available in a convenient form for use. Panacea? Definitely coming to perfection!

Fiber in fruit

Fruit fiber sources
Fruits are a great source of fiber, one of valuables. But what fruit is another dose of fiber. Do you want to supplement your diet with an adequate portion of dietary fiber? When you reach the fruit?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome treatment

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Part 1
For some time you belly hurts and it's no clearer reason? Tired of constipation or diarrhea and flatulence? Examine the terms of IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome. With our help, you can set the initial diagnosis yourself.

Fatty liver disease symptoms

As revealed fatty liver? Minor fatty liver symptoms pass, and the more you can feel chronic fatigue and drowsiness, tightness or pain in the right side of the rib. If this occurs more than 88 cm at the waist (in women increases the risk of liver problems) better go to your GP and tell him about your symptoms.

Intestinal motility

What is peristalsis?
The expression is very often rains recently in the media - not without reason. More and more people know that the peristaltic movements of our body depends on comfort - comfort without bloating and indigestion. What exactly is a "motility" and how is it related to the retention of food in the gut?

Natural colon cleansing

Natural ways to colon cleansing For natural remedies causing mechanical intestinal emptying include mild methods that favor a recovery bowel. These include fiber contained in vegetables, wheat bran and flax seed, and also vegetable oils and also contained in the figs, plums and other stone fruit oils, that are deposited on the intestine and thus enables free movement of the food in the gastrointestinal tract. Enemas which liquify stool.

Lemon cleanse diet

Cleansing diet lemon Most of us wince at the thought of eating several lemons. On the one hand, it is even good, because a diet that is based on the same lemons is not the healthiest, but their juice, used as a supplement is worth attention.

Is oatmeal healthy

Healthy oatmeal
Few are so valuable products like oatmeal. They are produced for years in the same way: oats are deprived only husks and crushed them. All their natural wealth remains in the lobe.

Pancreas disorders

How to take care of the pancreas?
The pancreas - the unremarkable body needs each day to solidly work hard to fulfill the tasks entrusted to it. First, it produces hormones (responsible for the metabolism and help maintain normal blood glucose levels). Secondly, prepared from 1.2 to 3 liters of juice which contains digestive enzymes.

3 simple cures liver cleansing

How to easily clean the liver?
As you probably already know, the liver is a unique organ that regenerates well, and almost always working full steam. It processes nutrients, stores vitamins and cleanses the body of toxins. It is not innervated, so by itself does not hurt.

The milk diet

Slimming milk diet
Diet is recommended to those who like milk, cocoa and vegetable broth. These are the basic components of the diet of milk. It should be used only on weekends, from Friday to Sunday, and during the week to eat almost anything, but in smaller quantities by half smaller than before.