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Phospholipids to strengthen the liver

How to strengthen the liver

The active compounds contained in soy phospholipids are important for the proper functioning of the liver. One of them is choline, which protects the body by a toxin. It is involved in the construction of cell membranes, improves liver function. Also accelerates the regeneration of the cells (hepatocytes).

If you have problems with your liver or gall bladder dyskinesia example, or stones - the preparation of choline. In addition, you will reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Note! Excessive burden on the liver, is likely to be associated with poor diet and too frequent consumption of fatty meat or sausages, as well as products containing artificial substances and preservatives. You have to remember that improper grilled meat contains a lot of highly toxic to the liver compounds. It also undermines the frequent abuse of alcohol - it contributes to 80% of the damage to the liver parenchyma.
In this case, the doctor prescribes medication and important for liver vitamin B. It is also recommended lots of rest and modifying the diet.

Dietary liver in excessive load

Eat lean meats and fish, as well as a lot of vegetables, cereal and fish, as well as a lot of vegetables, cereal and skim milk. Until improve Avoid animal fats and spicy foods.

For the duration of the treatment must be discontinued any processed products such as sausages, canned food, delicatessen food, ready salads, soup powder, cola drinks, Fanta.

Give up strong coffee and tea, and instead often drink herbs to improve digestive (such as teas express or herbal blends that you can buy at the pharmacy).

Note! In any case, do not drink alcohol.
Must protect every day from excessive stress, which is extremely harmful to the liver.


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