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Milk thistle herb

Do you need to use milk thistle?

So the question has its legitimate question, if you have grounds for concern about the state of your liver.

Note! The answer is "YES" if you drink more alcohol than you should, if you were ill from hepatitis or cirrhosis suffer from, if you work in the chemical industry or live in a particularly polluted environment, you use pharmaceutical drugs that can damage the liver (especially lowering drugs cholesterol, or certain antidepressants), because the side effect of these drugs may be damage to the liver, which may be at least partially neutralized by milk thistle.

So, since milk thistle can strengthen your liver resistance to such dangers of modern civilization, you might want to try it out.

If your liver is particularly vulnerable to poisoning by toxins, a prophylactic dose is 280 milligrams of silymarin per day, a therapeutic dose is 420 milligrams a day until resolution of the disease, which can be determined in laboratory studies.

Note! If you have been in serious illness (eg, inflammation or cirrhosis) or if you have reasonable suspicion as to its existence, you should use milk thistle under medical supervision. Regularly conducted clinical studies may confirm the possible improvements. In case of damage or liver disease, be sure to stop drinking alcohol.

How dose the milk thistle?

Extract of milk thistle is the most pills (less syrup). The standardized extract of milk thistle priming studied in Europe and used in Germany by official medicine in cases of liver disease, contains 70 to 80% silymarin.

Note! Usually, it is recommended that silymarin 420 milligrams per day in three divided doses. If there is improvement (eg confirmed by blood tests - liver tests), the daily dose of silymarin may be reduced to 280 milligrams. This dose according to some doctors, prevents damage and liver failure. 

How fast the milk thistle?

Preparations of milk thistle are rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and reach maximum blood concentration of approximately one hour after dosing.

Note! The improvement occurs after five to eight days from the start of treatment. Then reduced enzyme activity decreases liver, jaundice retract.

It is essential in assessing the degree of recovery will be here were the results of which determine the level of liver enzymes, and liver biopsy. Milk thistle reduces elevated levels of liver enzymes, which is a signal that the patient back to health. People with alcoholic liver disease should not take milk thistle extract for several months.

Note! Remission of chronic hepatitis during treatment of milk thistle preparations after six months to a year. 

Is milk thistle is really effective?

Scientists have learned that milk thistle is effective, when he saved from death many people who poisoned the toadstools.

In 1981, German scientist Dr. G. Vogel of the University of Munich conducted a trial involving patients from all over Europe (Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France), who poisoned the toadstools. All persons addition to conventional therapy, given by injection active substances of milk thistle. Dr. Vogel was delighted with the effects of the experimental treatment. They were amazing and spectacular.

The mortality rate of people who were poisoning toadstools, is typically 30 to 40 %. Milk thistle has reduced the number of casualties to zero. Rump of the patients died, despite the fact that the victim of poisoning usually start to be treated 2-3 days after ingestion of poisonous mushrooms, and this means that milk thistle affects the circulation of toxins in the liver cells, protecting them from further damage and regenerates cells already damaged.

Is milk thistle is safe?

Unlike other drugs that affect the liver, milk thistle occasionally causes minor side effects in the form of gastrointestinal disorders. According to the study, they occurred in less than 1 % of patients. The most frequently observed occurrence of slight diarrhea, especially in the early days of the use of herbs.

Note! It has been proven that milk thistle is not toxic and is not involved in reactions with other medications. Experiments conducted on animals have revealed neither ad hoc nor distant toxicity of the preparation of milk thistle, even used in high doses, and were not found to exert a deleterious effect on fertility or mutagenic (carcinogenic).

For example, in Germany, milk thistle is considered a safe drug so that the flyer with information about the use of herbs does not mention any objection, even when it comes to pregnant and lactating women .


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