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What causes stress?

Diseases caused by stress

Stress is a difficult opponent that slowly destroys us. Symptoms appear as if out of nowhere, the most common effect of life in chronic tension. You should know that wile of them can alleviate household methods.

Stress causes insomnia

Stress is responsible for the sharp rise in the level of adrenaline. The heart beats us faster, blood pressure rises and our body goes into a state of readiness. Therefore, in such a situation hard for a peaceful, healthy sleep.

How to deal with insomnia?

Before bed, do the relaxation exercise.

Lie down flat on your back with straight arms and legs. Tighter whole body. You're counting silently to ten, then relax the muscles. You lie helplessly and silently count to sixty.

Repeat the exercise several times.

Stress causes allergies

Stress is the cause of exacerbation of symptoms of allergies. That is why very often in moments of tension on the face and body appear red spots, rashes, and skin begins to itch and peel.

How to deal with allergies?

This will help take a bath every 2-3 days with the addition of oatmeal gruel:

A glass of oat bran cook on low heat in 3 liters of milk. Strain into the tub with lukewarm water and lie in the bath for 15 minutes. Do not rinse.

You also need to remember everyday fatliquor body. A very good solution is rubbed into the skin moist baby oil, and only after drying it with a towel.

The spot where symptoms worsen, you can enjoy a lime in the form of a syrup or dispersible tablets, or take an antihistamine.

Stress causes backaches

Prolonged stress is the cause of muscles, and as a result they become hard as stone. People unconsciously stressed ball himself, and this leads to contractures of muscles in the cervical, lumbar and spine, and it causes severe pain.

How to deal with back pain?

Hydrotherapy - for many years is a therapy that is successfully used in the treatment of diseases of the spine.

It will help you aromatic bath with lavender oil in water temperatures of about 38 degrees C. After drying the body you wear comfortable socks, put your neck warm hot water bottle, and you wrap your entire body thoroughly sheet. You lie there for 20-25 minutes.

At the end of the massage the entire body glove soaked in cold water or take a cold shower.

In this work, every hour several times turning his head alternately to the left and to the right until you feel resistance.

It should also treat yourself to a series of at least 5 massages rehabilitation.

Stress causes constipation

Chronic stress bad for the digestive system and the meal that is normally digested in an hour, in a stressful situation can persist in our stomach even daily.

How to deal with constipation?

People who have problems with constipation should be on a diet rich in fiber. It is, inter alia, in bran, dried plums, apples or pears with the skin.

At the pickling juice is good for dandelion.

Washed 20 grams of leaves, chopped, and squeeze the juice. You drink a glass 3 times a day before meals. You can also buy in a pharmacy ready juice - Succus Taraxaci and used as indicated in the leaflet.

Peristalsis will further improve the 20-minute morning gymnastics.

Stress causes diarrhea

It also happens that the reaction of our body sometimes directly opposed. Under the influence of adrenaline is activated autonomic nervous system, which is responsible, among others, the bowel muscles. When they begin to shrink rapidly, it is getting to us diarrhea.

How to deal with diarrhea?

The spot can be used either with-the-counter anti-diarrheal (Imodium, Carbo medicinalis - coal, smecta).

Remove the cause of the problem, drinking herbal tea with lemon balm, which also acts as a soothing effect on the stomach. A bag of herbs shitting glass of boiling water and Parzysz 5 minutes. You drink 3 times a day for a glass of brew.

At long diarrhea should complement the loss of fluids and electrolytes. A glass of fruit juice add half a teaspoon of sugar or honey, and a pinch of salt, and other non-carbonated water glass mix with a teaspoon of baking soda boxes.

Sipping alternately from both glasses until they are empty.


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