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Bowel cleansing

Colon cleansing treatment

Do you realize that the vast majority of your health problems, has its origin in the gut?

It is in them is the process of absorption of nutrients. Inadequate nutrition leads to the fact that harmful products, which the body - willy-nilly - can not get rid of the naturally dangerous build up in the intestines. When the intestines are dirty, the proper absorption of nutrients is severely impaired.

Each of us manage to eat something not useful and even harmful to the body.

Animal fats, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, pharmaceuticals, preservatives, coloring agents, emulsifiers.

All of these substances pollute our bodies.

From unhealthy, unhealthy eating or partly no way to protect - we are simply stuck with him. That is why it is so important to try to eat anyway as the healthiest and regularly cleanse the bowel.

Cure for colon cleansing is quite simple. Thanks to get rid of the deposits fermenting food, mucus and fecal stones. Treatment not only improve intestinal health, but also the state of the whole organism.

Note - stoppers! contaminated bowel

Did you know that in the case of contaminated gut some clinics substances are not absorbed? This means that it is impossible to cure.

It should therefore know the main symptoms of contamination of the colon. These are:

• bloating,
• constipation,
• allergies,
• skin eczema,
• blackheads,
• unpleasant smell of sweat,
• black deposits on the teeth,
• gray coating on the tongue.

I really do not regret it, if you decide to bowel cleansing. Choosing a method to detoxify the gut should choose the one that not only cleans them but also restores their normal bacterial flora.

Fiber contained, inter alia, the grandmother psyllium allows for favorable development of intestinal microflora.

How colon cleanse?

Intestines can help in several ways. What may surprise you - laxatives in this case is the same evil! There are thoroughly cleanse the bowel, and lead to the body exhaustive dehydration.

Do you want to know simple ways to detoxify the bowel? Please, here they are:

• And the way - peel 2 oranges peel on the fruit so that the remaining white flesh. By 14 days 2 hours for the night after the last meal eat oranges,

• Second way - drink for 14 days after the 1/2 cup sauerkraut juice 3 times a day,

• Third way - grind and mix: 400 g dried prunes, 200 g dates, apricots 200g, 200 g figs. To the resulting mass add 200 g of honey and mix. The resulting mass store in a glass dish in a refrigerator. The evening before bedtime eat 1 tablespoon of weight, until it's .

It should be noted that a well-conducted detoxification will help the sick immediately return to health.

When the intestines are clean, then the body is healthy. It is worth to regularly cleanse the bowel.


  1. thank you for sharing this information for Colon cleansing treatment, im planning to do liver detox and colon cleansing to be more healthy.


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