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How to help with constipation?

Movement and abdominal massage for constipation

Movement improves bowel function. It is important to each of its form. You can walk every day at least 30 minutes or bend over at least a quarter of an hour.

In constipation are especially recommended particularly simple abdominal exercises for example. Crunches, scissors, bike. This will help przepchaniu mass in the intestines and regulate the pressure in the gastrointestinal tract.

Try also 2-3 times a week to devote more time to activities such as cycling, swimming, brisk walking or Nordic walking.

Even him get out of bed, you can save five minutes to massage Intestinal which helps in bowel movement. A circular motion, gently compressing the abdomen, you need both hands to massage the bottom of the abdomen on the right and left side of the top. During the massage you should do deep inhalations and exhalations.

Can also help warm compresses on the abdomen, such as a hot water bottle.

The effects of constipation

When you are constipated, you may experience bloating, gas, heaviness, spreading in the abdomen, have abdominal pain or headache, and problems with the complexion (eczema, acne) and malodour.

Constipation contributes to the development of anorectal diseases such as hemorrhoids.

Note! Underestimated and untreated constipation can also lead to inflammation of the colon, intestine ulcers and erosions, in the future, even for colorectal cancer.

Soup breakfast for constipation

Carrots, parsnips, potatoes and a little celery blend and pour 0.5 liters of water. She cooks for 15 minutes. At the end add the full measure of dietary supplement fiber. Wait a minute. Eat on an empty stomach.

Water for constipation

Constipation should also drink at least 2 liters of water a day. It is essential for proper digestion. Will be most advantageous mineral, still throughout the day, especially before meals.

Treatment of water for constipation

Every morning on an empty stomach, drink within 30 minutes 2 cups of warm boiled at a temperature of 28-39 degrees C. defecation occurs usually after a few hours.

Other beverages besides water to help with constipation, a fruit and vegetable juices (especially naturally cloudy with particles of flesh), kefir, sour milk, unsweetened yogurt with live cultures of bacteria.

Note! Avoid carbonated beverages, strong coffee and strong tea, cocoa and high-proof liquor. Alcohol adversely affect bowel function.

You can also take vegetable laxatives available in pharmacies without a prescription, but do not use them for longer than two weeks. Then drink plenty of water.


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