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Natural colon cleansing

Natural ways to colon cleansing

For natural remedies causing mechanical intestinal emptying include mild methods that favor a recovery bowel. These include fiber contained in vegetables, wheat bran and flax seed, and also vegetable oils and also contained in the figs, plums and other stone fruit oils, that are deposited on the intestine and thus enables free movement of the food in the gastrointestinal tract. Enemas which liquify stool.
Note! Regular consumption of vegetables and fruit also acts as a laxative, because with them enter the body vegetable fibers. They potentiate intestinal and facilitate cleaning. Eating a head of lettuce, salads, and increased amounts of cooked vegetables and fruits will help cleaning episode, which wanders food.

What fruits and vegetables are a rich source of fiber?

  • eggplant, red beets, carrots, chervil, cabbage, pumpkin, spinach, potatoes, leeks, tomatoes, rhubarb.
  • apricots, almonds, cherries, figs, raspberries, currants, melons, blackberries, oranges, peaches, plums. 

The slurry of fiber colon cleansing

Take a few fresh vegetables, selecting the most valuable:

1-2 potatoes cut into small cubes simmer over a pair, you can also make a puree. Season them with herbs: rosemary, basil, parsley, sage, which will be an incentive for the digestive gland and disinfect the intestines.

Slurry of fiber you eat after every meal or it may be the main food for a few days of the diet.

Note! If you suffer from gastritis or inflammation of the intestines, you can not eat raw fiber, because you can feel onerous, compression pain. In such a situation, eat fruits and vegetables over cooked.

Dried figs for colon cleansing

This gentle and effective laxative. Before consumption immerse them for 12 hours in a glass of water, then you can eat, and the water from the dried drink on an empty stomach or before sleeping. Same shall be dried plums.

Linseed for colon cleansing

It works like bran. It improves colon function and due to the high oil content makes it easy to move food in the gastrointestinal tract. Runs smoother than bran. Dishes add 1-2 teaspoons of whole or crushed flaxseed grains. You may also be soaked before consumption in the water.

Buckthorn bark for colon cleansing

It works gently and for this reason it is not too effective laxative. Induces further stimulating effect the secretion of bile by the liver.Application: tablet recommended by the doctor, brew - 15-30 drops 3 times a day or 50 drops once in the evening.

Wild marjoram for colon cleansing

It is also a mild laxative, stimulating the secretion of bile. It is recommended for convalescents, elderly people and children.Preparation of infusion: 20g of leaves steep a minute in the water, drink 2-3 cups per day (brew with a slightly bitter taste).

Senes for colon cleansing

Very strong laxative. Irritant and enhances colon function.

Note! It is not recommended for pregnant women, and in inflammatory conditions of the gastrointestinal tract.
Infusion: 2-5 teaspoons pour a glass of water, infuse for 10 minutes.Mix 25 drops per day, preferably in the evening. 


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