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Diet South Beach

Slimming South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is to reduce the bad fats and carbohydrates, which impede effective weight loss.

This way of eating for life, rather than strict, but effective weight loss. The main premise of this diet is to limit eating highly processed carbohydrates (such as white bread, pasta), and saturated fat. It, however, are proteins, complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fats (olive oil).

Diet has many advantages, and one of the most important is the safety and beneficial effects on health (especially heart). This way of eating is not boring, and eating a pleasure.

So weight loss is not tiring.

Diet principles southern beaches

The diet is divided into three steps:

  • the first step (the hardest) lasts two weeks, during which time the body Weaning from bad habits (forget the sweets) and teaches new, healthy flavors. During this time, you can lose up to 6 lbs!;
  • second stage lasts longer, but it depends on us how long. Weight is still falling, but more slowly;
  • the third stage is the most pleasant. We are a leaner, healthier, and we know how to eat healthily.

Sample menu diet beaches of southern

Weight Loss - Stage I

You should especially avoid: bread, rice, potatoes, any pasta, fatty cheeses, butter, whole milk, yoghurt, sweets, alcohol, fruit and fruit juices.

Breakfast: omelet with mushrooms, tomato juice, herbal tea or coffee with milk chudziutkim.

Snack: a piece of white fat cheese.

Lunch: salad with ham, lean cheese seasoned with olive oil and vinegar.

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast, cooked broccoli, celery, lettuce.

Weight Loss - Phase II

You should especially avoid: potatoes, bread, beets, carrots, corn, sweets.

Breakfast: yogurt with strawberries and bran, herbal tea or coffee with skim milk.

Snack: boiled egg.

Lunch: baked trout, a mix of cooked vegetables, half a head of lettuce with oil and vinegar.

Dessert: small bowl of strawberries.

Dinner: turkey fillet, couscous salad with tomatoes.

Weight Loss - Phase III

If you obtained your dream weight, we eat what we want - but you have to remember not to overdo it with the "bad" carbohydrates.

If the weight goes up (and thereby slimming down the drain) should return a week for the first stage (must take two weeks) and then again for the third.


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