Powdered fiber

Dietary fiber powder

Want to lose weight and be healthy? Turn to the diet fiber. Now, thanks to a powdered form, it is very convenient.

Appearance? The basic element of the human image in the world of public relations. No wonder, then, that care about the condition of our body. Undue weight, excessively rounded buttocks, protruding belly, big thighs - the bane. And what? And weight loss. But fiber is not only effective for weight loss! It helps - cheers! Check it out!

She ran until it came to a leaner, ie .. to order!

Change lifestyle. Exercise, sign up for aerobics, insert sneakers and fly! Eat healthily, or take care of fiber, which should be your inseparable ally. Change the mentality on health prevention! But you know that fiber not only for weight loss?

Fiber - a convenient panacea

This mixture of substances of vegetable origin, which freely passes through the digestive system ... undigested. The consequences of this process are extremely beneficial.

Dietary fiber:

• improves intestinal function, so that eliminates constipation
• facilitates the excretion
• helps to lose weight
• reduces LDL cholesterol and triglycerides
• stabilizes blood glucose and insulin production slows down the pace
• removes toxins, metabolic deposits
• promotes the construction of the intestinal microflora, which accelerates regeneration of damaged
for various reasons epithelium, which in turn increases the resistance.

Healthy, comfortable and ... fiber!

Where can you find fiber? In raw and dried fruits, vegetables, bran, oatmeal, dark bread, wholemeal pasta, brown rice, groats. If you do not have time to run to the health food stores, markets, organic farms to look for recommended products, the fiber tablets are for you convenience and time saving. At the end of the current pace of life does not allow us to take care of everything.

According to experts powdered fiber is superior to the tablets. Why? It is less processed, to quickly act upon the body.

Drink and swelling cheers!

Loose fiber easiest to eat as an addition to soups, salads, salads, yogurt, kefir, cereals, cheese, cocktails. If the weight loss, dietary consume 20-30 minutes before a meal that could swell and decreased hunger.

First of all, drink plenty of fluids. Regardless of the form and amount of fiber consumed. Why? Otherwise, digestive problems worsen. Many surfers writes on blogs and forums that fiber helped them not only made ​​things worse. They forgot the golden rule: fiber likes water. Too little fluid and too much fiber also increases the risk of colon cancer. You take fiber for the first time? Do not overdo it at the beginning of the quantity.

Let the digestive system accustomed to fiber. Remember that fiber is a supplement, that is - as the name suggests - should be added to the diet. Try to so provide the fiber body with natural products that do not lazing intestines.

How often do you eat fiber? This information should be given on the packaging. Sip fiber, plenty of water, and the positive effects of brick!


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