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Fiber in fruit

Fruit fiber sources

Fruits are a great source of fiber, one of valuables. But what fruit is another dose of fiber. Do you want to supplement your diet with an adequate portion of dietary fiber? When you reach the fruit?

Not quality, but quantity

In fact, after all. No matter what, it would be a lot of them. Nutritionists recommend to consume 500-600g of fruit and vegetables a day. Who of us meet this standard? Repair of the few. And it is this portion ensures the right amount of fiber. The World Health Organization says that 27-40 grams of fiber a day, it is the healthiest optimum.

Eat the seeds for health

But back to the fruit. Fiber in the largest quantities nests in the hard tissues of the plant. Specifically in terms of skins, woody elements, seeds.

The conclusion?

Most of the fiber found in fruits and dried fine stone. Regarding the former is a valuable source of fiber are blackberries. 100g of these fruits is about 7.4 grams of dietary fiber! This plant is also an important source of vitamin C, iron and magnesium. Blackberries are an ideal snack for the summer. Great fit as a component of desserts and ice cream.

For fine stone are also classified as:

• Gooseberry (3g of fiber per 100g)
• red currant (7.5 g per 100g)
• raspberries (6.7 g per 100g).

In other fruits, might be worthwhile:

• pears (2.1 g fiber per 100 g)
• Apples (2g per 100g)
• cherries (3g per 100g).

Dried fruits loveliness of cellulose

Dried fruits were produced in antiquity. With the loss of water are easier to keep. Although we are not the product fresh, are considered to be very valuable. The only drawback? The high content of sugars, and these contribute to the accumulation of extra pounds ...

Citrus paradise fiber

Citrus fruits are mainly associated with high-dose vitamin C. Meanwhile, also contain large amounts of other vitamins and minerals. How is fiber? Citrus fruits are also a valuable source of this substance. For example, a medium-sized orange provides almost 5g of fiber! A similar content can boast of a mandarin - in one fruit 1.3 g But keep in mind the differences in the size of these products.

Better kiwi falls. One piece provides 1.6 grams of fiber, and this is mainly due to the small seed, eaten with the fruit. A very interesting example is the passion fruit. It contains 10.5 grams of fiber per 100g of product! One piece, weighing an average of only 30g more than 3g of this substance! Maybe it is worth to him to convince and often used in the kitchen?


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