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Buteyko breathing method

Professor Buteyko Breathing Exercises

In Russia it is known to exercise that in a few minutes can unlock even the most cluttered nose, because it uses the law governing the physiology of the human body.
I'm going to describe them, but first: why exactly nose is blocked? Let me explain.

If you look to the textbooks of physiology, you will find photos of the nose, which pulled all the skin. You will also find sections showing, with your nose is made​​.

And one of its elements is a special type of muscle - called smooth muscle. They differ from other muscles, such as in your legs or arms.

For this, in your nose are "factory mucus." These are the glands that - you guessed it! - Produce mucus.

Ok, and now. Had to get into the nasal cavity and pull out some of these smooth muscle cells, and then insert them into a container with a low content of carbon dioxide (CO2) - the muscles will swell.

Will increase several times compared to a normal size. Read that sentence again: if the smooth muscles (the ones you have in your nose) will be in an environment with low levels of CO2 - the swell FOR JUMBO SIZE!

If you have a stuffy nose, so that it can not be blown out, the smooth muscles in your nose is several times increased and therefore clog the partition (or partitions) nasal.
Here's a fact that may change your life: the smooth muscles swell in the absence of CO2.

And now - what happens when you put them in a container with high levels of CO2? Bingo: deducted from the original, small size ... and your nose is once again free!

More: when stint body salutary carbon dioxide, not only smooth muscle decreases, but decreases (or completely stops) production of mucus! In other words, to have unlocked the nose ... to breathe free ... you have to maintain proper levels of carbon dioxide in your body.
The exercise, which I mentioned earlier, for a moment raises the concentration of carbon dioxide in the nasal region and frees him, allowing you to breath freely. If not completely, at least in part.

Exercise Professor Buteyko for a stuffy nose

I think that if the nose is blocked, for example by mucus or polyps, these and other changes in the body's defensive response are so-called. "Hidden hyperventilation". If excessive mucus or polyps or nasal treat any problem from the outside, such as jala neti purification procedure or inhalation or surgically, in practice fighting SYMPTOMS. Cause still exists and rubbing his hands to strike again soon.

Therefore, for example, cut polyps grow back. Therefore inhalations help only temporarily. So finally ... you have to remove the cause.

The reason in this case is the excessive loss of carbon dioxide from the body, due to an intense breath. A solution? Buteyko Method. I promised to describe the exercise of the scope of this method, which helps naturally, in accordance with the physiological processes unblock the nose. And I intend to keep that promise as best I can.

How to unlock nose - naturally ..

As a reminder, your nose is blocked by too intense breathing. When you lose an excessive amount of carbon dioxide exacerbates the blood vessels, further secrete larger amounts of mucus, then swell smooth muscle, resulting in breathing becomes increasingly difficult ... and the allergic reactions even impossible.

And this exercise revoke the above process. It is very effective when the need for emergency relief in the shortest possible time.

Ok, to work:

1 Sit straight but not stiff. The muscles relaxed. Freely and comfortably. Relaxation and relaxation play an important role!

2 Take a small breath in through your nose (if possible), and a small exhaust - also through the nose. If this is so cluttered that you do not give advice, then air fool corner of his mouth.

3 Being on the exhale, squeeze your nose between your thumb and index finger left or right hand. In this way, hold your breath. (Mouth closed all the time.)

4 Hold the nose compressed, mouth closed, nodding his head up and down ... up and down ... up and down ... so long until you feel fairly strong desire to breathe.

5 When you release the nose, stop and nod his head, get some air slowly and gently, light breath ... and exhale freely. Light inhale ... exhale and free.

VERY IMPORTANT: All you're doing through your nose with your mouth closed and not kidding deep breath - even if you feel like it. Right now you should feel that your nose is unlocked. Hard or soft, depending on the extent of the problem. After one such series should reassure breath before you do the other - usually does not take more than 30 seconds.

With each series, your nose will become more liberated and more easily will you blow it, if it clogs the discharge.

Sometimes you will have to perform the above sequence of up to 5 times before the nose is completely unlocked. And sometimes just one.

If you follow the series a few times, you can feel the warmth in the body or tingling in the legs and hands due to widening of blood vessels. (It's very, very nice!)

Note: The above exercise is not the Buteyko Method. This is just a small part of her that still brings great relief. I hope that you will be served in the clogged moments.
By the way. Have you ever noticed that when you have a stuffy nose and such go up a bit, climb the stairs, goes - suddenly, out and insect nose for a moment unlocks? This is because the working muscles.

A working muscles produce carbon dioxide. And he is the author of many miracles. Holding his breath during the exercises described, your body stops in itself for the moment carbon dioxide, so that the nasal septum is released. Well. That would be enough when it comes to exercise unlocking nose! I hope you try them and notifies about its effects.

By the way. When saturation of the body with carbon dioxide, then followed by the so-called. Bohr effect. Carbon dioxide helps to detach the molecules of oxygen from hemoglobin transferring them ... and then the oxygen that reaches the cells of your body. And when colorectal be filled with an appropriate amount of oxygen in the space of a few weeks subside common ailments of the digestive system such as constipation.

But this need to master the Buteyko Method correctly.

8 benefits of breathing through the nose

Funny. We nose in order to breathe through it; We mouth in order to by do not eat.

Meanwhile ... just go out and look for people to be convinced that what some have forgotten about the role of the nose and mouth. 20 to 40% of people breathing through the mouth, although they could easily through the nose. Phenomenon is particularly evident in children.

Not good!

Breath through your nose not only maintain the required level of oxygen in the body - carries a lot more favors for your health:

1 warmer air to 35 degrees Celsius, the optimum temperature for the human lungs.

2 moisturizes the air. Since the average person makes 20 000 breaths per day breathing in the nose, the body in this way takes even one liter of water.

3 prevents the excessive accumulation of contaminants in the space around the inner ear.

4 results in the release of antimicrobial molecules that help purify the inhaled air, and thus increase the immune system.

5 Breathing through the nose increases airway while breathing through the mouth closes it.

6 reduces fear, anxiety and nervousness because the greater the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood act upon the body relaxes.

7 activates the production of immunoglobulins by increasing the strength of the immune system. Breathing through the nose is good summed Robert C. Fulford, a pioneer in natural medicine, saying yes. "Remember: always try to breathe through your nose, not the mouth, because the air has to be in contact with the olfactory nerves to stimulate your brain and launching it in a natural rhythm, so-called. alpha waves. Thus - if you do not breathe through the nose, in a sense, you're only half alive. "

And of course, the eighth - the main benefit of breathing through the nose:

8 filters the air due to the presence of a thin layer of mucus and tiny hairs. Captures 95-99% of the particles of dust, bacteria, viruses and other unwanted visitors today reign in the air with the intent to break into your body and plucking it with care.

Gaining air through the mouth, the way the air is shorter, wider and much simpler. Here, bacteria, viruses and dust have no barrier to overcome: easily enter the alveoli, and thus directly into the bloodstream, causing a biochemical stress because very quickly (through circulation) reach the organ.

A similar process occurs from the gut, if they are not active enough. Through erosion and thus, the wall to reach the blood and food allergens and heavy metals.


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