Fatty liver disease symptoms

As revealed fatty liver?

Minor fatty liver symptoms pass, and the more you can feel chronic fatigue and drowsiness, tightness or pain in the right side of the rib. If this occurs more than 88 cm at the waist (in women increases the risk of liver problems) better go to your GP and tell him about your symptoms.

Note! To see what is happening with your liver, you need to perform an ultrasound of the abdomen and giving blood (liver tests, blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides).

Effective treatment for fatty liver

The mainstay of treatment of fatty liver is a low-calorie diet low in saturated fats and sugar, which will provide the patient slow weight loss.

The products identified in the fatty liver

Dairy: curdled milk, kefir, cottage cheese jagurt natural skinny, soft-boiled eggs.

Meat and fish: lean meat (poultry without the skin) and fish (cod, pike), homemade sausages.

Fruits: apple (baked or grated), banana, kiwi, peaches, watermelon.

Vegetables: tomatoes, cabbage, fennel, grated carrot, watercress.

Cereals: bread light and dark, barley, millet, breakfast cereals.

Products banned in fatty liver

Dairy: cream, fat cottage cheese, hard cheeses, processed, mold, hard-boiled eggs and fried.

Meat and fish: oily fish (salmon, eel) and meat, meat offal, commercially made sausage.

Fruits: grapes, currants, gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, dried fruits.

Vegetables: fresh cucumber, peppers, leeks, onions, radishes, vegetables, legumes

Cereals: bread with caramel, pearl barley and buckwheat ,muesli

Note! You can not use any drastic diets, because fasting gives the same effect as overeating and ... enhances fatty liver.

A very important component of the treatment is regular physical activity (preferably 45 minutes each day).

Proper diet + regular physical activity will give the first results after two months of treatment - reduce the feeling of oppression under the ribs and also improve overall well-being.


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