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Irritable Bowel Syndrome treatment continued.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Part 2

Although it can not be completely cured, you can control it so it does not worsen quality of life. In the struggle with IBS is the most important wise nutrition and avoiding stress.

Frequent abdominal pain, bloating, indigestion, abnormal bowel movements mode, discomfort? Do not endanger life, but it is very troublesome ... hampers, sometimes even impossible to work, socialize, relax. Irritable bowel syndrome reduces the quality of life. And all this by disobedient smooth muscle ...

Is it possible to remedy the symptoms of this ailment? Fortunately, yes, but you have to reckon with periodic relapses, because so far, there is no definitive way to get rid of IBS (irriatable bowel syndrome) ... I do not even know its direct cause.

Start of diet

There is no single standard treatment - the disease has a very personal space character. Treatment is dependent on:

• as a disease (diarrheal, constipation, mixed),
• the origin of the disease.

The basis of treatment is proper nutrition. The diet must be light and consist of several small meals eaten at fixed times, calmly. Quick swallowing large pieces only deepens the discomfort. Fatty foods should go odstawkę and zagościć should these lean. Dinner should not be too abundant. Fried foods, alcohol, coffee, hot spices? These products are great ... irritate the gut - so cancel them.

What condition such treatment

In case of constipation, bowel movements stimulate greater amount of fiber in your diet, water and physical activity. It should also consult the relaxant herbs, such as milk thistle, St. John's wort, dandelion, peppermint, chamomile. The laxative effect brings consuming infusions include with psyllium.

Ultimately, your doctor will prescribe pharmaceuticals. Doing so, however, the side effects, so better to adjust the working body safe, natural means.

What's with diarrhea?
You can deal with it. Take your flaxseed, coal (but not too long, because the preparation destroys vitamins), pectin (eg as in apples), the infusion of the dried Potentilla erecta. In this case, the fiber is not a good solution, but mushy dishes (mashed potatoes, mousses, cooked carrots), a viscous (jellies, pastes, puddings) - as much as possible.

The compounds used synthetic loperamide and cholestyramine, so that their use is the possible side effects, such as constipation, flatulence, nausea, malabsorption of vitamins ...

If the intestines suffer from allergies, determine what products do not tolerate, after which symptoms worsen, write down their names and disconnect them from the menu. This will help them quickly identify.

Temper under control

In therapy, it is important to the ability to cope with stress, avoiding emotional stress. The mood can regularly undertaken to improve physical recreation and breathing exercises. Follow the open window 10 deep breaths nose and mouth soft exhalations ... It relaxes.

Often you need to change lifestyle for a quiet ... Release turnover to start properly rest ... It is good to relax with music (experts recommend the classics).

Choose somewhere to nature - birds singing, the sound of the waves, wind noise soothing effect on the psyche. Vibrating nerves calm down too infusions of herbs such as lemon balm, or green tea, which mutes, de-stresses.

A visit to a psychologist can also help. After anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs reaching for a last resort.

Irritable bowel syndrome requires physical activity, diet control and nerves. Some of renunciation, however, operate wonders! - Improve mood and comfort of everyday life.


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