Pancreas disorders

How to take care of the pancreas?

The pancreas - the unremarkable body needs each day to solidly work hard to fulfill the tasks entrusted to it. First, it produces hormones (responsible for the metabolism and help maintain normal blood glucose levels). Secondly, prepared from 1.2 to 3 liters of juice which contains digestive enzymes.

Note! When the pancreas begins to fail, at the beginning of gastric problems arise. It is therefore important to know how to distinguish these trivial from serious.

Chronic pancreatitis

Indigestion can happen to anyone.

Note! If intense pains are regular with the accompaniment of vomiting and foul-smelling, greasy diarrhea (work disability interferes with the digestion of fats pancreas), then these symptoms may indicate a chronic pancreatitis, which if untreated may even lead to the destruction of the body and if you do not work really fast, it then be due to hormonal imbalance, contracted diabetes. 

Treatment of chronic pancreatitis

Generally involves maintaining a low-fat diet and administering medications.

Note! It is also forbidden to drink an ounce of alcohol.

If symptoms persist, then it may be necessary to remove a fragment of the pancreas, because it allows you to free yourself from the pain.

Acute pancreatitis

Pain not inferior to the left side of the abdomen that radiates to the back and lasts for a few days, sometimes is acute pancreatitis.

They can cause:

  • a viral infection (eg, mumps);
  • certain medications (eg, diuretics, steroids);
  • abdominal injuries.

Note! This type of inflammation requires hospitalization and complicated treatment. Very important is early diagnosis.

Pain in the upper abdomen on the left side, nausea, diarrhea ..

They are usually ignored, because most of us think that is a result of poor diet or stress, but now they can even be a symptom of pancreatic cancer.

Therefore it is better so tell your doctor.


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