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Fiber Tablets

The fiber in the form of tablets

Fiber will help you to effectively combat many ailments, and this is available in a convenient form for use. Panacea? Definitely coming to perfection!

Picking on everything to be healthy - seek are not always fruitful. Meanwhile, the recipe is closer than we think - you need to eat sensibly. This is the best cure.

Leaf lettuce with water? Definitely NOT!

It is not about starvation, no, I do not the way to go. A balanced diet is to provide the body with adequate amounts of calories of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is important that our diets do not run out of fiber, which has a valuable impact on our health.

Fibre - a drug almost everything

It acts as a whisk, referred to as a healthy filler. Why? Because of its unique properties. Dietary fiber is recommended as a prophylactic and therapeutic agents of various diseases. Overweight, obesity, problems with cholesterol? Diabetes, atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease? Hypertension, faecal impaction, bowel diverticulosis, hemorrhoids?

Fiber helps you to fight against these ailments! It shortens the transit time of food through the digestive tract, removes undigested remnants. Ions binds harmful substances, cholesterol molecule unused traps, like a sponge absorbs water and thus significantly increases the volume in the intestines. To this reduces the absorption of glucose, insulin secretion slows the rate and improves insulin sensitivity. What makes fiber is so good?

Dietary fiber is a complex substance of plant origin that is not entirely digested, and is a major and unique advantage. Our body can not digest such as cellulose and lignin (the substance that build fiber found in vegetables, grains), because we do not have the appropriate enzymes. In contrast, pectin (substances also build fiber, found in fruits) are only a small change, but effectively support the action of the bacterial microflora.

Indigestion not in this case nothing to do with dyspepsia! Indigestion is the retention of food in the gastrointestinal tract, flatulence, unpleasant gas, abdominal pain. Fiber, as it acts as a whisk - the food still pushing it. Paradoxically, the fact that fiber is not digested, it affects our favor.

Fiber tablets always with you

Not everyone can afford a balanced diet, which does not run out of fiber. Who among us would not want to supply our body with more vegetables, fruits, nuts, unprocessed grain products (such as brown bread, oatmeal, grits, bran)? This, however, requires a change in habits. Besides it can pose some difficulties organizational logistics. Somewhere they know are traveling, which feed in the buffets, the hotel's restaurants and to the irregularly. Fortunately, there are fiber tablets (or powder)!

Fiber tablets will not take much space, so it is easy to take with you on a business trip and you can easily take it before eating, such as on a train, plane or taxi. Remember that fiber you need to drink half an hour before a meal to - after popiciu water - fiber could swell and reduce the feeling of hunger, and thus the impact on calorie intake.

Proper watering is very important! Fiber works only in conjunction with fluids (preferably, however, if it was water). Otherwise, you may experience constipation, abdominal pain.

Use fiber in moderation! Too large, long-term supplementation with dietary fiber can reduce the absorption of calcium, zinc and iron, and worsen the effects of some medications and supplements.

You just - with his head, and everything will be just fine.

Move out of your head!

Take fiber in tablets in a bag and a successful, healthy travel without hassle!


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