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Sauerkraut juice

Cleansing the body of sauerkraut juice In winter it is probably the richest source of vitamin C, K, group B, potassium, calcium, iron and so on. Sauerkraut is a real vitamin bomb, and at a time of increased morbidity our body needs natural strengthening.

Blood group A diet

Diet for blood group A
This blood group evolved centuries ago (or rather in front of dozens of centuries). Population started to grow, and animals - food, decrease. Therefore, people with blood group A should follow a vegetarian diet, which is rich in plants.

Cleansing the body parsley

Parsley helps cleanse the body
Parsley, thanks to its rich composition, cleanses the blood of toxins. The body starts to work better and more efficiently. The study also showed intense inflammatory parsley, resulting in a reduction in the frequency of appearance of pimples and acne on face and back.

Nettles treatment

Cleansing the body nettle
Nettle most of us associate with stinging, burning and blisters on the skin. Is still considered a troublesome weed, and yet this undervalued plant contains a wealth of medicinal compounds and nutrients.

Treatment for duodenal ulcer

Herbs and diet in the treatment of duodenal ulcers
For duodenal ulcers are the most characteristic pain when the patient is hungry. They are located in a well podsercowym, they radiate to the bridge, are blunt and give the impression of heat.

Atherosclerosis diet

Diet in atherosclerosis
Atherosclerosis - a serious and most common lesion within the inner walls of the arteries. This causes the build up of fatty substances (mainly cholesterol). This causes hardening and thickening of the arterial walls eventually their cross section tapering.

Acupuncture treatments

How does acupuncture?
Acupuncture is used by the Chinese for over five thousand years. Treatment involves pricking needles specific selected points on the human body. These points are over a thousand, and each of them is responsible for another body.

Healthy weight loss Part 1

How to lose weight healthily? Products accelerating metabolism
It is worth every day to eat products accelerate metabolism (including wholemeal bread, cereal, spices: pepper, paprika), because through it you can burn more calories than usual, and to doing nothing but eating.

Living with liver disease

How to live and function of liver disease?
Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins in the liver are in various states of biochemical transformations. Therefore, for the treatment and operation of the sick, inefficient liver is very important to proper diet. Let's examine how to care for a sick liver, and most importantly, how well the function of the liver disease.

Natural ways to help sleep

Natural ways to insomnia
When evening long toss and turn from side to side, at night you wake up several times, and in the morning not feeling rested, it may be due to such an uncomfortable bed, too high temperature in the bedroom, the noise coming from the street lamp near the window, too heavy dinner, problems at home or work or constant stress.

How to keep your circulatory system healthy?

What affects the poor condition of the circulatory system?
In women: menstruating woman's heart is protected by the female hormones - estrogen. However, a woman who is obese and smokes cigarettes, they do not help. We also know that the risk of heart attack and stroke is much greater when a woman takes birth control pills and did not shy away from alcohol and cigarettes.

Gastrointestinal flu

The influenza virus gastrointestinal
Stomach flu the most is giving the children but adults too seriously suffer because of her. So let's find out how the disease moves and what to do if attacked by a virus gastro-intestinal flu.

Diet yogurt

Slimming diet yogurt
Diet yoghurt improves digestion and makes us feel light. It also helps to lose weight and eat at the same time healthy and delicious.

Dr. Gerson Diet

The treatment of Dr. Max Geresona
Max Gerson - German physician from WÄ…growiec, who developed his treatment in 1930 to get rid of migraine attacks. Then tried it on patients who suffered from tuberculosis to good effect in the University Hospital in Munich.

Kneipp therapy

Treatment by Fr. Sebastian KneippSebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) - Bavarian priest, who as a child became ill with tuberculosis. At the age of twenty years, he learned from doctors that left him only a few years old.

Fish diet plan

Slimming fish diet
In this diet, you can use all fresh, frozen, in gravy jelly (especially lean cod, redfish, perch, walleye, pike, hake, trout, tuna), seafood in gravy, fresh or frozen.

Giardia Lamblia infection

Lamblia (Giardia lamblia or Lamblia Intestinalis), a small parasites, liking the sand pits, toilets, fountains and lakes. You can also catch them drinking water from shallow wells too, rivers, even dipping his hand in the fountain and then inserting into the mouth.

Dash diet for hypertension

The DASH diet - for high blood pressure
American scientists have developed a diet. Its aim is to reduce blood pressure and help the heart is. DASH diet for 30 days that makes the blood pressure may drop by about 10 mm / Hg.

Gastrointestinal symptoms

Berries alleviate a variety of gastrointestinal symptoms
Berries are a proven grandmothers recipe for trouble with a sore stomach. Fresh fruit relaxant effect constipation (stimulate intestinal peristalsis), and the juice or decoction (necessarily strained) against diarrhea.

Diet for diarrhea

What diet diarrhea?
Easy to prepare dishes alleviate discomfort associated with diarrhea in both children and adults. Stifle it and help combat nagging abdominal cramps, and prepare conveniently them of what happened to you in your pantry or summer cottage garden.