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Healthy weight loss Part 1

How to lose weight healthily?

Products accelerating metabolism

It is worth every day to eat products accelerate metabolism (including wholemeal bread, cereal, spices: pepper, paprika), because through it you can burn more calories than usual, and to doing nothing but eating.

For this you need to choose a lean meat, because the digestion of protein requires more energy, and dishes seasoned with cayenne pepper, because it will improve your metabolism. On the other hand should be avoided herring and shrimp, because they delay the burning of fat.

Alcohol good for its health and scales

To the meal it is worthwhile drinking 2-3 glasses of wine, because he is aiding digestion, is slimming down, is protecting the heart, prevents anaemia, expelling toxins is speeding up and prevents cancers.

It can be also the beer which is supporting the good etching, is heightening the secretion of stomach juices, is acting against blood clots, he is safeguarding against cancers and atherosclerosis as well as prevents cataract.

Ante cibum it is possible to drink 2-3 glasses of the fruit liqueur or vodka. it will help to increase the secretion of digestive juices, will stimulate the liver to the work, will prevent flatulences and to cleanse of toxins.

Festive differently prepared dishes

Implementing a few minor changes in festive dishes will cause, that for them a considerable amount will be deducted and thanks to that oneself I won't put on weight.

1) The carp is enough fat with fish. Therefore better not to fry it, and to prepare in aspic or to bake in the foil.

2) With mushrooms not to season the cabbage with the roux.

3) Dumplings, which of May to be given once again better to heat on steam or in the microwave, and not to stir-fry.

4) Not to fill herring with oil - better to give them with the yoghurt sauce.

5) Not to add more sugar in compote of dried fruits or the borscht.

6) Better to bake in special paper for baking, instead of to butter the mould.

7) To add the half of less sugar to cakes.

What to eat in order to lose the extra poundage with the benefit to the health

1) To eat fruit and vegetables (a few times a day), or else an ability of the organism will increase it to the fight against illnesses.

2) To eat two batches of products with the white (eggs and dairy products and a bean are a valuable source), or else thanks to that muscles will become stronger and a number of the fatty tissue will be reduced.

3) To eat wholegrain products (3-4 per day), e.g. porridge oats, wheat wholemeal bread, brown moss stitch, wheat embryos, or else will improve this heart.

4) To eat fish twice a week, or else will lower this risk of heart diseases.

5) To eat the fist of nuts every day - it will strengthen the eyesight and the cardiovascular system.

What to eat after the evening university class?

If after the evening university class hunger is seizing us, it is necessary appropriately to satisfy him so that a physical effort is not be wasted.

Right after a intensive physical effort it is possible:

  • to drink the glass of the fruit juice or isotonic drink, or else will fill it up "sweat out" liquids, mineral elements and carbohydrates;
  • to eat the bar of chocolate of muesli;

2-3 before the dream to prepare hours for oneself light supper, e.g. it can be glass of the milk-fruit cocktail, of fields of the bone of the lean curd cheese with 3 spoonfulfuls of the yoghurt and 3-4 leaflets of lettuce or the bowl of the salad of the carrot and the apple (seasoned with the orange juice).

How to make the belly look slimmer?

Persons which are on the go every minute of the day, but exercising 2 the person should perform exercise 1 which are working by the desk.

Exercise 1: they are sitting down straight and comfortably, is taking a deep breath, is tensing the belly muscles and is raising straightened shoulders up. To withstand.. To exhale, to drop one's hands and to relax muscles. To repeat 12 times.

Exercise 2: to stand up straight and to put one's back against the wall. To tense the belly muscles and to slide pools down oneself after the wall, as far as thighs will be parallel to the floor. To last the moment out. To return to the home position. Exercised to repeat 12 times.

The long dream is supporting keeping the slim profile

It is worthwhile so longer resting.

According to conducted examinations in which 400 women took part - women which slept fewer than 5 hours for twenty-four hours, had wider waists than women which slept longer as far as about 9 cm.

Note! The most exposed to putting on weight because of the lack of the dream women showed below themselves 50. of year of age and the ones about the shortest phase of dreams.

A secretion of hormones which are responsible for a metabolism is disturbing the lack of the dream.

Note! So that she is correct, is needed 8 is reconciling the sleep.

How to remove toxin from the organism?

If we want quickly to improve our profile, we must remove toxins from the organism, because they are slowing the metabolism down.

Note! Within it is possible to get rid of the excess of water from the organism and to knock off 3 days 1-2 kilogrammes.

It is necessary to drink 8-10 glasses of drinks per day.

The menu should largely consist of liquid dishes. To prepare 4 meals.

To the breakfast and the afternoon snack to drink the fruit cup (to add petals, oat bran, grinded flaxseed).

To the dinner to eat soup on vegetable stock.

For suppers to drink vegetable drink.

When we feel hunger, to hand it is worthwhile having water, fruit juices and herbal teas then.

What is disturbing us to lose weight?

It is worthwhile getting to know its enemy, or else thanks to that we will be able to defeat him and we won't make the same mistakes.

Hurry - the fast weight loss will cause the market, that we will be half a year in a point of departure.

Additional kilogrammes then again will come back because of bursts of hunger or the effect yo-yo.

Excess of ambition - it isn't possible to endow itself with the intense movement with 2 weeks, or else the fast dash in the longer account will not do any good.

Note! What he is doing is significant we constantly, e.g. everyday 15-minutes of the exercise.

Traps - it is worthwhile here thinking on it, what keeping one's word is making it difficult for us.

Is it a stress? boredom?.

If we know threats, we will be able to avoid them.

Motivation for the dieting

Our health is the best motivation...

According to conducted examinations, obese people have a greater risk of everyday feeling pain as far as by the 254% than slim. The excess of the fatty tissue can cause an inflammatory conditions and increase complaints which are connected e.g. with rheumatism or migraine.

Are you overweight? You must it to know:

  • at you a risk of the address is rising by the 60% fibromialgii (muscle rheumatism);
  • about the 19% a probability of pain of bars and the neck grows;
  • a risk of pain of the spine is being increased by the 21%;
  • a risk of migraine headaches is rising by the 48%.

Already soon next advice..


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