Kneipp therapy

Treatment by Fr. Sebastian Kneipp

Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) - Bavarian priest, who as a child became ill with tuberculosis. At the age of twenty years, he learned from doctors that left him only a few years old.

Created however, natural treatment method by which emerged from the disease. In the therapy mainly uses water still survived 50 years.

Treatment Fr. Kneipp

Sebastian Kneipp developed more than 140 water treatment techniques that were supplemented with herbal treatments, proper diet, which abound in large quantities of vegetables (while limiting meat), honey, syrup with onions and garlic, cod liver oil, sauerkraut juice, radish, and exercises physical (including walking among herbs or wading in streams).

Very popular is the treatment Kneipp (now also executed) lining of the cervical or lumbar spine, which is used, inter alia, the pain of the spine.

This is done by local heat treatment of the body portion subjected to treatment by application of the flax hay pouch that previously heated by steaming.
To this day, the so-called. Kneipp quench the body are alternating showers. First topping the body cool, but not icy water. The treatment begins with the feet, moving up through the knees, buttocks, hips, abdomen.

Note! This should be done always in accordance with the clockwise direction.
After surgery, no rubbing, just put a warm robe and Exercise That at least 5 minutes.

Sebastian Kneipp due, inter alia to introduce the simplest of healthy lifestyle habits (eg, daily washing, walking and principles of healthy eating). thanks to him today also attach proper importance to the weathering of the bedroom and sleep in nieprzegrzewanych areas.

Water treatments, proper diet, herbs, and exercise, which have been used by Father Kneipp have a beneficial effect on the body, improve its efficiency, robustness, restore psychophysical balance and improve the work of many organs.

Note! Hydrotherapy treatment is safe.
The main contraindications for them can, however, be such factors as:
  • exhaustion;
  • severe anemia;
  • heart failure.
So the doctor who knows his patient, it should warn the potential dangers that are associated with certain treatments.


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