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Healthy weight loss Part 2

How to lose weight healthily?

Training speed

If you want to get rid of extra pounds, start to run. It is easiest to start with a 6-week running training.

Cope with it even the person who so far only strolled. Just be sure to pick up the pace at the beginning, only for a moment. Then even this will not feel that the course lasts longer. You should exercise 3 times a week.

Week 1: 4.5 min + 0.5 min walking gear.
2 weeks 4 min + 1 min walking gear.
3 weeks: 3 min + 2 min walking gear.
4 weeks: 2 min + 3 min walking gear.
5 weeks: 1 min walk + 4 min run.
6 weeks: 4.5 min + 0.5 min walk run or just run.

20 minutes for daily physical activity

People who want to lose weight should be booked a minimum of 20 minutes a day of physical activity.

You can use the sports plan for the whole week:

Monday - begin a week of walking, which will help you relax and regain energy for the remaining days.

Tuesday - you can go out with friends for a volleyball match.

Wednesday - should run. It is not so difficult :)

Thursday - we're going to the pool, you can swim there, practicing aqua aerobics or play with a child.

Friday - on this day you should learn something new, such as skating, playing tennis.

Saturday - we're shooting hoops :)

Sunday - time for cycling.

Good training = at least half an hour

Good training should last at least 30 minutes, because only then starts burning fat, and when it will be extended by an additional 15 minutes, it will be possible to lose weight even more.

Additional minutes exercise is a good way to stimulate the muscles to intensify the effort. This will help in shedding excess weight faster.

How to do it?

Over the three days should gradually lengthen physical activity, adding daily after 5 minutes (at the beginning of the best will be marches).

We start with a warm-up - go slowly for about 5 minutes, then speed up, taking small steps for 20 minutes.

Then go as soon as possible, and at the end of the walk slowly for about 10 minutes.

Rainbow diet

Worth a try, because I serve not only our weight, but also health.

Eat a cup of fruit and vegetables 5 times a day.

This will ensure that:

  • good eyesight - Green reinforce the retina and prevent damage to the macula and loss of vision;
  • protection against cancer - red fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of prostate cancer and lung;
  • strong heart - white vegetables protect against heart disease, lower blood pressure and cholesterol;
  • healthy joints - yellow and orange products enhance their flexibility and prevent degeneration;
  • super memory - purple fruits and vegetables enhance the brain.

Products for a flat stomach

Products that help to maintain a flat stomach:

  • tomatoes - are low in calories, eat raw or drink the juice, and stimulate the kidneys to work and detoxification body;
  • potatoes - although they have a lot of calories, but also a lot of potassium, and it reduces swelling, eat 2 a day is best cooked in their skins;
  • bananas - will help to remove the water and prevent flatulence;
  • apricots - detoxify the body;
  • parsley - to prevent puffiness drink daily glass of decoction of 6 peeled roots and bunch of parsley cooked in a liter of water.

It should also eat white ham, fish, poultry, cooked vegetables and fruit peeled.

Exercises for shapely ass

3 exercises for a nice ass :)

1) Stand with legs astride and do squat. Bend your left leg and move her body weight and at the same time straighten right. Transfer your weight to the right leg, moving the butt lowest as you can. Repeat 11-19 times.

2) Stand astride, arms along the body. Lean, bend your knees and touch your hands to the heels. Straighten your legs. Repeat 3 times. straightening your legs for the third time jump. Perform the entire sequence three times.

3) Stand astride. Bend your knees and lower low bottom. Make 12 small steps forward, then backward. Repeat 2 times.

Exercises with dumbbells

Practicing dumbbells you can improve your condition.

If the exercise will be regular (3 times a week for 30 minutes), it is thanks to him:

  • increase the amount of muscle in the body;
  • increase metabolism, and samy easier to burn fat;
  • increase blood flow in the body, especially when a person is very active, after 45 years of age;
  • cardiac muscle reaches more nutrients and nutrients that are needed for their construction;
  • easier and faster to dump the excess weight.

How to avoid the yo-yo effect?

If you can already get the correct figure, it follow the following tips, and overweight is definitely not coming back:

  • include in the menu daily - grain products, vegetables and fruits, milk and dairy products, and legumes;
  • every few days dare morning (at the same time) on the same scale;
  • drink milk and eat dairy products;
  • eat meat in moderation, overwrite them with fish (the best are the sea), and legumes;
  • daily eat vegetables and fruits;
  • limiting salt thereof;
  • avoid sugar and sweets;

Soon another set of tips ...


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