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Diet for diarrhea

What diet diarrhea?

Easy to prepare dishes alleviate discomfort associated with diarrhea in both children and adults. Stifle it and help combat nagging abdominal cramps, and prepare conveniently them of what happened to you in your pantry or summer cottage garden.

Carrot Soup for diarrhea

Carrot root is the source of, among others, nutritive sugars, calcium, magnesium, iron and pectin - the type of fiber. It is thanks to him boiled carrots soothing to the intestinal mucosa.

Preparation: 3 large carrots pour liter of water and boil until tender. Mix and add a little salt.

Eat in small portions.

Diarrhea rice diet

Inhibits coated diarrhea and gastric mucosa. In the first phase of the disease all meals, replace a light rice gruel. Then turn to overcooked in a larger amount of water, lightly salted rice.

Note! Do not you have at hand means that inhibit diarrhea? You can make a healing potion. Mix 2 teaspoons potato flour with lukewarm water to form a suspension. Drink 3 times a day field glasses.

Drugs for diarrhea

Preparations inhibiting bowel movements have proved to be especially on the road because they reduce the need for evacuation. You can buy them without a prescription.

Note! Use it only when no fever and no blood stool. Children should not be used, because in them is indicated as soon as bowel cleansing with a virus or bacteria.

Binders toxins:
if you suspect that the cause of the problems may be poisoning (bacteria, fungi), then reach for the activated charcoal, which absorbs substances that cause diarrhea. Similarly, work Smecta that protects the digestive system before irritating substances.

Probiotics: preparations containing so. probiotic bacteria rebuild the damaged intestinal flora. Thanks to them quickly regain form.


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