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Natural ways to help sleep

Natural ways to insomnia

When evening long toss and turn from side to side, at night you wake up several times, and in the morning not feeling rested, it may be due to such an uncomfortable bed, too high temperature in the bedroom, the noise coming from the street lamp near the window, too heavy dinner, problems at home or work or constant stress.

Sleep problems sometimes occur due to disease: diabetes, hyperthyroidism, rheumatism, depression or chronic pain.

Why is sleep so important?

If we do not sleep in one or two nights, it's not, do not do it havoc in our body. However, when trouble sleeping protracted, it starts on the end of the revolt.

Note! "Sleep is health"

When you sleep, your body rests and regenerates. The night takes strength to live the next day. It is easy for the heart, kidney, muscle, spine and brain.

So let's take care of regular, good sleep, because: "Good night, it's a good day." Use natural ways to help you avoid sleepless nights.

Honey and milk for insomnia

Two teaspoons of fennel cook in 150 ml of milk, Strain, add honey and you drink just before bedtime. Ideal for sleep also works milk with onions. A cup of milk in a pot and heat that one peeled onion. You keep on fire 15 minutes, but you have to see to it that the milk does not boil.

Hops for insomnia

Take herbal pillow. You fill pillowcase cone hops. You can also further add to the herbs of tranquilizers and sedatives properties: flowers of lavender and lemon balm leaves. On this pillow can safely sleep the whole overnight.

Apple insomnia

Juice for insomnia: apple juice, red grapes and elderberries make the blood glucose concentration does not decrease too fast. It is one of the main causes of awakening. Before bed you need to drink a glass of juice. It can be slightly warmed.

Lavender for insomnia

Oils - lavender, chamomile and orange blossom - aroma therapeutic work. Mixed in the ratio 1:2:1 and poured into the fireplace. It is set in the bedroom. You can also rub the chest blend of essential oils of lavender, sage, marjoram and basil.

Bath for a good night's sleep

Two large handfuls of dried linden flower shitting liter of boiling water. putting down, covered for 15 minutes to herbs to be mated. Strain and pour into the tub with warm water. Immersed for 15 minutes.

Exercises for sleep

Physical activity greatly increases your chances of a quick and deep sleep. Therefore, we practice in the morning, but you have to try to avoid exercise before bed (about 3 hours), as this may cause the emergence of problems falling asleep.

Daily exercise also positively affect your overall health and well-being during the day.

The sun on a good night's sleep

The sun's rays perfectly affect the regulation of our biological clock. Their absence is the reason for the production of melatonin by the body, and it makes us sleepy. It is so (if weather permits) to capture every bit of sunlight. Especially valuable are the sun's rays caught in the morning, and so soon after waking slide open the blinds and let the sun pay a visit to your home.

Avoid coffee and alcohol the evening

If you belong to those who are sensitive to caffeine and can not drink coffee, tea and other drinks that contain caffeine, then avoid caffeine from the south.

Even one glass of wine may adversely affect the quality of sleep. The evening dose of alcohol may make you fall asleep faster, but you'll wake up in the morning. This is because the levels of sugar in the blood and the body comes from alcohol poisoning after digestion.

After each wypitym drink you should give your body at least one hour of time before we put to sleep.

Note! The contrast of daylight and darkness at night helps the body to strengthen the action of the natural biological clock. It is worth to darken his bedroom during the night, because it will fall asleep faster, and our sleep will be better. Taking out at night curtains, and close the door, helping reduce aforementioned incoming light.

Problems with sleep also causes nicotine, which stimulates the body and stimulating. If you smoke, you are certainly disturbed phase of deep sleep, which is greatly shortened. Smokers usually more likely to suffer from problems with staying asleep, and wake up rested and not tired.


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