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Gastrointestinal flu

The influenza virus gastrointestinal

Stomach flu the most is giving the children but adults too seriously suffer because of her. So let's find out how the disease moves and what to do if attacked by a virus gastro-intestinal flu.

Flu gastrointestinal is one and the same disease that the medical point of view has nothing to do with the real flu.

Symptoms of stomach flu

Stomach flu (like normal) the strongest attacks from autumn to early spring. It is caused by viruses (especially rotavirus) that carries the road droplet when standing close to an infected person, touching her things that fell droplets of saliva.

The first symptom of stomach flu and fever may be at the end of its similarity with the real flu, because the further course of the disease like severe food poisoning:

  • even several times a day to vomit and have a severe, watery diarrhea accompanied by severe abdominal pain;

  • symptoms persist for 2 to 5 days and there is no way to cure the cause (you can not give an antibiotic, because it would only made ​​things worse, and that these drugs do not work on viruses). The only thing you can do is alleviate the symptoms and wait for the same subside.

Acute causes stomach flu, with hardly anything to stay in the stomach. That's why you can not do this by force.

Remember! In such a situation the day, or even two days of fasting are indicated to the gastrointestinal tract began to come back into balance.

And so:

  • on the first day should only take plenty of fluids (best would be a summer boiled water, bottled water or lightly sweetened weak tea).
Remember! In the case of acute diarrhea are also used supplemental electrolytes solution (available at pharmacies).
  • the second day, you continue to irrigate, and when you feel better, you can try to eat a small portion (bowl) rice gruel or overcooked white rice, stale Kaiser, rusk, a few crackers or mashed cooked carrots;
  • on the third day begins to introduce (small portions) other easily digestible food (eg cooked lean meat, poultry, mashed potatoes, sweet cottage cheese). Such a diet should be continued until symptoms subside completely.

Protect your loved ones and friends

This disease is very contagious. That's why you have to go on sick leave so as not moved to your co-workers.

The risk of infecting the household will be reduced if:

  • exactly, even several times a day will ventilate flat (reduce the concentration of virus in the air);
  • more carefully than usual take care of hygiene, not only more likely to wash their hands and wipe them with a towel only his, but also thoroughly disinfect the toilet every day.

Remember! Do not hesitate to visit a doctor if diarrhea after 3 days is as sharp as at the beginning or even gaining strength.

On the first day you have to look for help, when diarrhea is a small child or an elderly person, because with them comes easily to dehydration.


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