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Healthy weight loss Part 3

How to lose weight healthily?

Dukan Diet

Before using the very popular Dukan Diet recently, it is worth to know its advantages and disadvantages.

This diet actually gives fast results, but only on condition that it will keep its strict rules. If used briefly as a motivator to lose weight, it does not matter completely healthy person.

But it is not a good way of eating for life, because: burden the liver and kidneys, and can interfere with the digestive tract. Dukan Diet should avoid those that are to any health problems, especially those diagnosed with kidney disease or liver.

How to control hunger?

1) Cost a little bit of everything, because then easily reduce the amount of what we eat (and calories), with more choice.

2) Before any home cooked meal we write, what we're going to eat.

3) Do not give up dessert. During dinner we put a half portion, and then you can enjoy it without guilt.

4) Ni snacking at night. For the evening meal, add a small amount of fat (this can be for example, peanut butter or salad dressing), and then you do not wake up ans hunger.

5) After every meal we leave something on the plate - the last morsel of meat, potato, sandwich boxes.

Winter walk

It is out of the house, even when it is cold and not really have to feel like it, because thanks to winter walk and movement in the fresh cold air can burn calories much faster.

During frost, we need much more energy to heat our body. Every minute of exercise means extra consumption.

Remember! It is only properly dress and move.

For an hour you can burn:

  • 350 kcal for a walk on slippery surfaces;
  • 612 kcal cross-country skiing;
  • 580 kcal during the ride and pull the sled up the hill;
  • 511 kcal downhill skiing;
  • 100 kcal in the free walk;
  • 476 kcal skating;
  • 306 kcal during snow removal.

Wise food choices

The most important rules for making wise dietary choice:

  • eat a big breakfast, lunch and a small dinner and calorie balance will be less than this, than if we satisfy our hunger until the evening;
  • we do not think about diet, and instead learn to pick and choose what you eat wisely;
  • you have to love vegetables, eat a lot of fresh salads;
  • drink before a meal, such as herbal teas and fruit, skim milk or carbonated water because glass beverage make eat less;
  • work we take healthy snacks, such as apple, carrots or kohlrabi, because thanks to him skusimy on sweets or chips. 

Diet for stomach

If you annoy us bloating, a feeling of fullness and our belly by this is not quite flat, it should be:

  • avoid - fresh white bread, beans, peas, lentils, bananas, melon, fatty meats, cheeses and meats, fried fish, fish oil, canned, raw vegetables, especially: radishes, cabbage, cucumbers, garlic, onions, celery, tomatoes, sodas, whole milk;
  • choose - white ham, fish, poultry, cooked vegetables and peeled fruits, pear and apple jam, cereals, rice, pasta, small cereal, skimmed or semi-skimmed. 

What you have at home?

Here's allies in weight loss and we always have them at home:

  • olive oil and vinegar - for vegetables, sauces and salads;
  • canned beans (red, white, black) - drained should I mix such as garlic or hot spices, and receives a paste for sandwiches;
  • tomatoes (canned, sauces, concentrates) - pizza, soups, stews, etc.;
  • products with whole grains (couscous, oatmeal and barley and brown rice), it is healthy and nutritious additions to meats and vegetables;
  • dried products (tomatoes, mushrooms, fruits) that will improve the taste of food with groats and rice. 

Note what you are drinking!

People who want to maintain a slim figure should be discouraged from drinking juices and fruit beverage, because some contain even a few tablespoons of sugar per liter.

They are also very caloric (glass this juice has as many as 300 kcal).

Therefore, when shopping you should read the information on the package and choose juices with no added sugar and is best to buy vegetable and fruit juices or juice Purée (cloudy).

A glass of such a beverage to replace a portion of fruit and vegetables per day.

It has about 130 calories and a lot of fiber.

Carrots as a snack

It is worth to like munching a carrot, because eaten raw make with our silhouette will be ideal.

The glycemic index (GI) of cooked carrots is 85, and it affects the deposition of fat in the body, but crude has a low GI - 30

That stare upon and healthy snack that:

  • contains a lot of fiber;
  • is a source of vitamins B1, B2, PP, K, C and beta-carotene;
  • improves immunity, sharpens vision and slows the aging of the organism;
  • contains minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, and potassium iodine.

Soon more tips ...


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