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Healthy weight loss Part 4

How to lose weight healthily?

Interval training

It is the fastest way to burn calories.

Just after 20 minutes exercise three times a week to 14 days after the enzymes that accelerate digestion increased by 29%. You can select a running, cycling or skating, jumping rope or swimming.

0-2,59 min - do warm-up at any rate;
3-3,59 min - speed up to the maximum;
4-4,59 min - train at an average rate;
5-18,59 min - train for a change, after 1 min at the maximum and average rate;
19-20 min - complete workout quietly.

Cross-country skiing = 574 calories burned per hour!

If we have an opportunity, you can go for cross-country, because slipping on them at a rapid pace, you can burn up to 574 calories in an hour.

Cross-country skis are not charged to the joints, strengthen muscles, improve physical fitness and help you relax.

How to start cross-country skiing?

On the first ride you need to make an appointment with the instructor or with a friend who rides good.

On the first day we select a short, 20 minute route, and then it gradually lengthen.

How to dress?

We assume undershirt and "breathable" sweatshirt and jacket. Narrow pants, waterproof.

Slimming walk

If you walk every day, and still not lose lot of weight, then you need to change it.

1) He walks longer, rather than rapidly. Walk on the hills, change the temp march.

2) You need to surprise your body, because alternating workouts allow you to burn more calories. From time to time we may replace march outside aerobics or swimming.

3) You have to control your appetite. March at a rate of 5.5 km / h helps burn 260 calories, but this success can be easily compromised, for example by eating a high-calorie dessert.

4) It is charged to your body, because the more muscle we have, the more calories we burn. 2-3 times a week, take a walk dumbbell - heavy enough that you feel after a workout muscle fatigue.

Xylitol instead of sugar

Start using xylitol instead of sugar.

Example dessert with xylitol:

     liter of orange juice;
     700 g of natural fromage frais;
     250 ml Greek yogurt;
     6 tablespoons of xylitol;
     6 tablespoons gelatin;
     sliced ​​peach;
     2 drops of vanilla odor.

Preparation: heat that the juice and add to it 3 tablespoons of dissolved gelatin. Mix and refrigerate.

Whisk the yogurt with xylitol mixer, add to the cream cheese and the smell. We make the rest of the dissolved gelatin and mix. Add fruits.

Laying all the mass of the mold and insert for half an hour in the refrigerator.

Pour the jelly on the cheese and insert the fridge overnight.

Enjoy :)

What to eat?

Oatmeal + flax seed - add to soups, salads and granola. They contain fiber, which prevents constipation and well fed.

Zucchini and lettuce - a snack and cooked dishes, because it is only 15 kcal per 100 g

Nuts - eat a few a day, because I have a tryptophan, which protects against stress, and so and before snacking.

Skinny dairy - at least once a day, especially at dinner, he fed and speeds up metabolism. It contains protein is needed to build muscle.

Apples - at least one a day, because they contain a lot of pectin purification.

How to cheat hunger?

Hunger can perfectly cheat skinny snack:

  • vegetable juice - contains a lot of fiber and ripping perfectly "clog". A glass of juice provides about 50 calories.;
  • fresh vegetables (such as kohlrabi, radish, carrot or cucumber) provide very few calories;
  • crispy rice cakes or bread - foods rich in fiber;
  • cooked beans - is 66 kcal per 100 g, and after eating is really bright and cheerful, because beans provide a lot of protein and fiber.

Diet easy to digest

Is it worth it to try and use fresh vegetables and fruits. Eat 5-6 small portions during the day.

Sample menu:

The breakfast - stale wheat roll with a teaspoon of butter, soft-boiled egg, a bowl of apple mousse, coffee substitute.

Breakfast 2- 2-3 crackers with sweet rolls, a glass of carrot juice.

Lunch - vegetable soup wiped; mashed potatoes; 2 meatballs with meat poultry; boiled carrots, a glass of tomato juice.

Afternoon tea - glass compote of apples; 2-3 biscuits.

Dinner - 10 dumplings lazy, weak tea.

Enjoy :)


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