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How to keep your circulatory system healthy?

What affects the poor condition of the circulatory system?

In women: menstruating woman's heart is protected by the female hormones - estrogen. However, a woman who is obese and smokes cigarettes, they do not help. We also know that the risk of heart attack and stroke is much greater when a woman takes birth control pills and did not shy away from alcohol and cigarettes.

We should also bear in mind that the incidence of heart disease increases after menopause. Even estrogens, which are delivered HRT will not protect effectively the circulatory system. Indeed reduce cholesterol levels, but increase triglyceride levels, and it accelerates the atherosclerotic process.

For men: Here the biggest problem is maintaining a healthy weight.

Note! The alarm should activate when waist circumference exceeds 102 cm.

Men also often suffer from the so called apple type obesity, where the fat is accumulated not only in skin, but also in the abdomen, around the bowel, kidneys and liver. According to the research confirmed the accumulation of fat in this area is significantly increases the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.

Boys also turning to cigarettes and alcohol.

And to this are the problems of persuading them to examinations, and when will already do it, there is a problem with the implementation of the recommendations of your doctor.

How to look after your heart?

Women: can not afford a reduced tariff. Women also need to take care of your circulatory system.

A woman who was over 40 years should go to a cardiologist and ask for a referral for ECG, echocardiography and measurement of lipids.

Note! Nerves, haste, continuous sleep deprivation have a disastrous impact on the work of the circulatory system. Therefore, you should share responsibilities (and stresses) with your partner and let me help you.

A woman with hypertension or burning cigarettes should abandon the use of contraceptive pills and postmenopausal women, which fields the family physician office visit and perform research commissioned by him.

It should also measure blood pressure. Top daily.

Man: changing your habits ..

The man who crossed 30 years, should go to a cardiologist and measure blood pressure. When they are correct, it is enough to repeat them only once every few months.

For your menu, we introduce elements of the Mediterranean diet. Pork chops and roasted pork knuckle is replaced by fish and poultry. To this is added a lot of vegetables and olive oil, which lowers the levels of bad cholesterol.

It should also be physically active and longer necessarily when he has a tummy. A good solution is to subscribe to the gym or pool, or even choose is often a walk.

Symptoms of heart attack

Women are: shoulder pain, larynx, upper, shortness of breath, belching, nausea, and vomiting.

Added to this is fatigue, heart rhythm disturbances, cold sweats. The symptoms are usually less severe than in men, but that does not mean that a heart attack in women is less extensive than a man!

In men it: so. triad - chest pain, shortness of breath, and pain and numbness in his left hand. The pain is searing, distractor, radiating from the center of the chest to the shoulders, neck or hands.

Do not disappear during rest, but decrease the administration of nitroglycerin ago.


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