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Foods that help you lose weight

What products will help you lose weight?

To lose weight you do not need to look fancy diet, slimming preparations to buy expensive or torture a hunger strike. With the help can come to us what we have in our fridge.

These products can be eaten throughout the year. We buy them in any store, they are not expensive and you do not have too much culinary skills to prepare them. People who do not eat them every day they make a mistake, they have valuable nutritional properties. They are not only very healthy, but it helps rid the body of excess fat tissue, but there is one condition - you have to eat them regularly.

These products have many alternatives, so without difficulty should always be on our plate. Of course, this is not a miracle diet and takes time to see the first results. But it's worth letting them work.

Chili helps you lose weight

It was she who its pungent flavor causes. When we eat chili, our body produces more heat and accelerates the metabolic rate, and this is the reason for burning more fat.

How do we eat?

Top with seeds. They are the sharpest. The same works pepper fresh and dried. Add it to dishes just a little bit.

You can also use other spices, especially oriental with a sharp taste. Sat: cayenne pepper, ginger, cinnamon, allspice.

Herrings help to lose weight

They contain very valuable element iodine. It is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones. Their function is to control the rate of burning fat and carbohydrates, the excess in the body can be easily converted in fat stores.

How do we eat?

Herrings enough to eat 2 times a week, because they are high-calorie. The best are on tap. She must, however, first soak the excess salt.

Instead of tracks, you can eat other marine fish, iodized salt (it is worth it to use for cooked foods because cooking iodine is oxidized with her​​).

Broccoli can help you lose weight

Broccoli contains a lot of valuable fiber, which improves metabolism, by enhancing peristalsis, removes toxins and waste products. Also reduces the absorption of fat during digestion.

How do we eat?

You can eat them raw, but it will be more easy to digest when it boil for example, steamed and as short as possible, because the long cooking deprives them of vitamins.

As a substitute, we can eat other cruciferous vegetables: cabbage white, red, Italian, Beijing, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale.

Groat helps you lose weight

This product is rich in chromium. This element helps insulin to move glucose into the cells. There is incinerated and used as an energy source. And that causes the body does not process her fat reserves.

How do we eat?

The best is roasted. It is these from your diet to eliminate simple sugars (sweets, white flour). They accelerate the excretion of chromium.

Instead, you can eat porridge: yeast, other wholegrain cereals, corn on the cob, eggs, seafood, apples, pears.

Cottage cheese helps to lose weight

Here it is important conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Its advantage is to improve the proportion of body composition - reduces body fat and encourages the development of muscle tissue. It also protects against the conversion of glucose in the rollers.

How do we eat?

The most valuable is the full-fat cottage cheese, contains most of the CLA.

Cottage cheese can replace full-fat dairy products (milk, yogurt), and cooked beef (cooked amount of CLA in meat increases).

Citrus fruits help you lose weight

They contain a lot of vitamin C, which is responsible for stimulating the production of substances which decompose fat and enabling the use of fat as an energy source. Directly take part in burning fat.

How do we eat?

Preferably fresh. Processing at high temperatures destroys vitamin C. The juice is worth the squeeze yourself home.

We can also eat raw sauerkraut, parsley, watercress, peppers, kiwi fruit, blackcurrants, rosehips.


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