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Giardia Lamblia infection


Lamblia (Giardia lamblia or Lamblia Intestinalis), a small parasites, liking the sand pits, toilets, fountains and lakes. You can also catch them drinking water from shallow wells too, rivers, even dipping his hand in the fountain and then inserting into the mouth.

Giardiasis infection in adults

The parasite sometimes causes vertigo (even very strong, leading to fainting), pain at the zebras on the right. Appears rash, stools have a unique intense fermented smell, are excreted undigested whole pieces of food (eg meat fibers).

Note! People affected by giardiasis have difficulty sleeping, are constantly tired, suffer from diarrhea, accompanied by low temperature.

As they attack giardia?

Nest within the small intestine, duodenum, or gall bladder. Limit the absorption of vitamins and minerals, causing their deficiency (eg anemia).

Suspected giardiasis your doctor will test your blood (giardia cause of increased acidity of the blood), fecal bile lun several times. After reading the results may have pharmacological treatment.

Note! Always after it finished, do your research, and giardia are removed completely from the body. If you do not - the disease will return.

Pharmacology is not always necessary. Sometimes the doctor suggests a change of diet and the total elimination of giardiasis favorite meal - sweets and sugar.

Note! Recommend enrich meals in fiber (apples, prunes, raspberries, blackberries), silage (cucumbers and cabbage juice), sunflower and pumpkin seeds, which uniquely parasites do not like. It may also prescribe medicine to elevate the overall immunity of the body.

How is giardia infection?

Giardia can be transmitted by flies, but usually lamblia cysts lurk in sandboxes, which are animal droppings. You can also contracted them, touching contaminated toilet.

Note! Therefore, it is important to wash hands after using the restroom, after playing with pets and always before eating.

Giardiasis can also become infected by eating unwashed blueberries, blueberries, strawberries, fruits and vegetables. Giardia often dwell in the water, so do not drink the water that comes out of the fountain, where there is information that is suitable for human consumption.


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