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Cleansing enema

Cure for body cleansing enema

Diseases occur when the result of our action with its own organism is disturbed harmony with the surrounding nature.

Note! If we brought ourselves to each other illness, then we can heal ourselves.

A very important procedure, the purification of the body by using enemas. Fluid to flush the intestines may be a mixture of 1.5 liters of warm boiled water with 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice.

Note! Cleansing enema treatment is best done with the period from full moon to new moon. At the beginning can perform two or more treatments per day, gradually reducing their number.

Internal hygiene can keep a regular colon cleansing, 1 time per week.

If the body is poisoned every day for decades, it is no wonder that this results in different diseases. During the leaching of toxins from the colon, some of which seeps into the bloodstream and be excreted from the body (in urine and faeces, then) may be the cause unpleasant sensations.

Note! You may experience headaches, nausea, weakness, feeling cold - like the food poisoning, but you can not stop treatment, because it is correct for this form of treatment and purification should continue to apply.

You should also drink boiled hot water, because this will enable the dissolution of toxins and help it endure gently circulating in the body of poison.

During this time, you need to limit your intake of foods.

Contraindications to the use of enemas:

- Inflammation of the appendix
- Inflammation of the peritoneum
- Acute intestinal infection
- Anal fistula
- diabetes
- diarrhea

Intestine, which was deformed years of overcrowding, after cleaning must be accustomed to work in the new conditions.

Note! During the treatment cleansing enema and after the recommended intake of groats cooked in water (without milk). Best would be buckwheat, barley, corn, rice, and advised the manna groats.

Purification using laxatives is no substitute for an enema, because we know that laxatives dehydrate the body and then impoverished natural moisture, leaving still faecal impaction.

Suffering from us then painful intestinal cramps.

The large intestine is the place particularly vulnerable to the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and the accumulation of toxins.

The body, which is freed from toxins receives pure blood that will nourish system (previously poisoned), and well supplied with blood vessels and devoid of toxins brain restore order. They will return to their seats authorities previously dislocated system dysfunction. Blood pressure returns to normal cease headache and malaise - disappear any disease.

Worth a try cleansing enema before we decide on other treatments.

How to do an enema?

Device for enema, a rubber hose and rubber container, which is closed with a plastic tip at the base of several holes or one hole.

This nozzle is equipped with a tap, which starts or stops the flow of liquid. You can also use a crimper.

As a colon irrigation fluid should be used with warm boiled water (about 38 ° C) water with soap, water with lemon juice or mixed with other juices, which have particularly therapeutic effect.

The processes of fermentation and putrefaction increased occur in an alkaline environment, so you must add the boiled and przestudzonej water 2 tablespoons lemon juice, because light water acidification will cause inhibition of digestion, removes pathogenic bacteria, restores the natural microflora of the large intestine, removes toxins and kill mold.

To perform the surgery should be the "tiger", leaning on floor with elbows and knees, legs slightly splayed. There are other schools that recommend placement on the right side.

Note! We ourselves choose for themselves the proper position.

The reservoir of fluid you need to stay at a height of about 1.5 meters above the floor. The tip, previously greased with oil, is introduced into the rectum (the closed tap), at a distance of 8 to 10 cm.

If after opening the tap fluid does not flow, backs up a little bit. After emptying the tank put up to 3 to 5 minutes on the right side, because it will cause the water will enter deeper into the intestines.

Note! You should try to keep the fluid longest.

Breathe deeply through the mouth wide open.

The longer the fluid is maintained and at the same time help by massaging the stomach, the intestines will be cleaned more effectively.


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